Transformers: Dark of the Moon, The Next Chapter in 3-D

Transformers: Dark of the Moon doesn’t hit theaters until June 29, however a 20-minute preview I attended proved that it will be one of the summer’s biggest releases. The 3-D team behind Avatar worked on this film, which is the first in the Transformers franchise to be shot in 3-D. Michael Bay, the director, says that this team is the best in the 3-D medium.

The first five minutes of the film is a bit of a history lesson. According to the film, the U.S. government thought that something launched by the Russians landed on the moon and that was what put the space race into gear. The film featured real shots of President Kennedy plus other historical footage, paired with modern 3-D clips, which was unexpected to me. Think of it as being in the style of Forest Gump, but the added 3-D technology made the scenes feel much more real.

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