“The Princess & The Popstar” Now Available on DVD and as New Kids App

Barbie’s new movie, The Princess & The Popstar, is now available on DVD; also available is an application for iPads, iPhones, and iPad Touch.

The movie tells the story of Princess Tori. Tori dreams of becoming just like her favorite popstar, Keira. At the same time, Keira is tired of her lifestyle and wishes to become a real-life princess. As the adventure of swapping places unfolds, both Tori and Keira learn the power of friendship and the importance of appreciating what they have.

The Deluxe Little Golden Book application offers young girls the opportunity to read a 20-page story with animation, interactivity, and music. Young girls can also design their own storybook scenes with 15 stickers and three backgrounds, sing along karaoke-style from the DVD, and put together three puzzles. The Princess & The Popstar is also available as a hardcover book from Random House Children’s Books, including a Little Golden Book and Junior Novelization.

Royal Caribbean International, Barbie Partner to Create a New Experience at Sea

In partnership with Mattel, Royal Caribbean International is bringing Barbie to its cruise line. In January, 12 ships will have the all-new Barbie Premium Experience on board and by March of this year, Barbie will be available on the remaining Royal Caribbean fleet.

The Barbie Premium Experience includes staterooms decorated with Barbie’s signature style as well as themed activities for young girls throughout their stay aboard the cruise.

The Barbie Premium Experience package allows young girls to enjoy the Barbie pink stateroom. Girls will receive Barbie blankets, pillowcases, a tote bag, a toothbrush, and toiletries. The package also includes the Tiaras and Teacups Party in which young girls can enjoy pink pastries and pink lemonade. This invite-only party teaches young girls tips on table etiquette while they enjoy their pastries on elegant serving dishes.

The Mermaid dance class, which teaches the young cruisers dance moves from Barbie’s movie Mermaid Tale 2 is also included in the Barbie Premium Experience package. Girls will have the chance to create their own Barbie doll fashions in the Fashion Designer Workshop and attend the Fashion Show where they can dress up and walk the pink carpet. At the fashion show, the girls will be able to perform their dance routines and show off their newly created Barbie doll fashions.  To get more information about the Barbie Premium Experience, visit www.royalcaribbean.com/Barbie or call (800) Royal-Caribbean.

Mattel, Genius Crowds Crowdsource New Product Ideas for Barbie, Hot Wheels Branded Bikes

Mattel, Inc., the worldwide leader in toys and family products, has announced an Open Innovation initiative with Genius Crowds to develop crowd-sourced product ideas for their venerable brands of Hot Wheels and Barbie bicycles for young children. Genius Crowds is a platform for open-sourced product development, facilitating the development and ideation phase online, and securing production relationships with leading marketers.

In a move towards open innovation and collaboration with their consumers, Mattel is looking for innovative ideas for their Barbie and HotWheels branded bicycles for children ages 4 to 6 years old.

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Top 20 Chosen by Children’s Museum Visitors and Fans

The results are in and more than 20,000 Children’s Museum of Indianapolis online visitors and fans have voted for their favorite toys from the last century. It is all part of the “100 Toys (& their Stories) that Define Our Childhood” interactive in which the museum asked people to choose the top 20 toys to represent the last 100 years. This list of 20 iconic toys includes: G.I. Joe, Transformers, Lego Toys, Barbie, View-Master, Bicycle, Play-Doh, Crayons, Cabbage Patch Kids, Monopoly, Etch a Sketch, Spirograph, Hot Wheels, Candy Land, Lincoln Logs, Raggedy Ann, Little Golden Books, Mr. Potato Head, Roller Skates, and Silly Putty.

The public is once again invited to vote for their favorites among the top 20 to rank the toys, which will ultimately determine the Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners.

Voting to determine the final order for the top 20 runs through Sept. 7, and results will be announced to the public on September 11. To view the top 20 list of toys, vote, and share your own toy story, visit The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis online at www.childrensmuseum.org/100toys.

This post was originally written by Sierra McCleary-Harris and published by ToyBook.com. For more news, visit www.toybook.com, follow The Toy Book on Twitter, and like The Toy Book on Facebook. The Toy Book is a bimonthly trade magazine covering the toy industry, published by Adventure Publishing Group.

Stardoll Partners with Barbie for Global Doll Line

Stardoll, the global online fashion and gaming community for girls, has partnered with Barbie to bring the world of virtual dress-up and online play to life with the new “Stardoll by Barbie” line of collectible fashion dolls. The partnership marks the Stardoll brand’s first foray into translating its online fashion portal into physical dolls, allowing Barbie fans to extend the possibilities of the Stardoll world offline.

The “Stardoll by Barbie” collection will feature eight new fashion dolls, based on four of the most popular virtual Stardoll stores in Starplaza. Inspired by Stardoll avatars, “Stardoll by Barbie” dolls come packaged mirroring signature avatar poses. Each doll features details such as rooted eyelashes, a unique face and body sculpt, as well as a distinct signature style.

“Stardoll by Barbie” will be available at retail in the U.S. beginning this month, with another five dolls slated for spring 2012. Three accessory packs let Stardoll fans mix and match the fashions and accessories, and give girls the interchangeable closet experience of the Stardoll virtual world in the real world.

“Stardoll by Barbie” dolls will come with a gift card for complimentary membership on Stardoll.com for new and existing members, Stardollars to spend on all Superstar items on the Stardoll site as well as free exclusive virtual gifts.

GUEST BLOG: Ryan Conti Reports from the Sweets & Snacks Expo

by Ryan Conti

As I stepped inside the Sweets & Snacks Expo 2010 (formerly known as the All Candy Expo), I was greeted by a 10-foot-tall Lindt chocolate bunny and served attitude by a towering Garfield. Excitedly, I entered a place that the gluttonous Augustus Gloop would envy; delicious smells wafted throughout Chicago’s McCormick Place, and the worlds of candy and business met head on.

Eyes wide open and eager on my quest for the ultimate candy/toy integration, I spent the first half of day one scouring the aisles, making a concerted effort to see every booth. And what I saw, concerned me. Where was the creativity? Where was the fun? Where was that “it” product that would makes us all salivate?

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Video: Barbie Meets Ken in “Toy Story 3″

Disney has released the first official clip from Toy Story 3. Check out how Barbie met Ken!

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ToyQuest to Produce Barbie Outdoor Toys

toyquest logo

ToyQuest will produce a Barbie backyard play collection for girls as a part of a new licensing collaboration with Mattel, Inc.  The collection will include inflatable pools and pool toys, sand boxes and accessories, bubbles, sprinklers, chalk, garden tools, and outdoor furniture decorated in Barbie pink. The products will launch in spring 2010.