Ubisoft Unveils Holiday Season Releases

Interactive entertainment company Ubisoft is releasing several additions to its existing series of games, in addition to introducing new games this holiday season across media platforms.

Battle Tag

Ubisoft introduces a laser tag-inspired game: Battle Tag. Set for release in late November in North America, the game is designed with 20 different game plays, and includes a port that connects to a PC, allowing the computer to act as “game master.”

Players use guns that are complete with RFID technology to store information. The guns have a 300 meter radius from the port, which acts as a base for the game. Sets come with ammo packs and medic packs that recharge ammo and life points when connected to the guns. Additional guns, bases, ammo, and medic packs will be available for purchase in addition to the basic set.

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Ubisoft Enters Toy Market, Premieres Battle Tag

Ubisoft is entering the toy market with the debut of Battle Tag, which was unveiled at last month’s E3: Electronic Entertainment Expo. Battle Tag combines a laser game that you can play at home or outside with a shooter game, featuring accessories such as game items and bonuses.

In the game, players can reload their guns with the ammo boxes or increase life points with the game’s medikit. The main differences between Ubisoft’s Battle Tag and a traditional laser tag game is the videogame-like accessories and a PC that acts as the “Game Master.”  The Game Master challenges players, gives updates, and keeps track of score.