WBIE to Release Five Lego Dimensions Expansion Packs

LegoDimensions_PPGExpansionWarner Bros Interactive Entertainment (WBIE) is set to release five new expansion packs for Lego Dimensions, available Sept. 12. The Team and Fun Packs are based on Cartoon Network’s animated series Teen Tians Go! and The Powerpuff Girls, and fans can also purchase the Beetlejuice Fun Pack.

Players who purchase either of the Teen Titans Go! expansion packs can access an exclusive animated episode, which includes how the heroes came across the Lego Dimensions multiverse. The Teen Titans Go! Team Pack includes Lego minifigures of Raven and Beast Boy and the 3-in-1 T-Car, which can be rebuilt into the Forklift and T-Plane.

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Bunnies By The Bay Unveils Brand New Product Line

-1Bunnies By The Bay debuts its new Blossom and Skipit products from the Glad Dreams collection. This marks the company’s first collection of soft books and wooden toys, which will be available during fall of this year. The new line of Blossom and Skipit Busy Toys includes a Blossom themed soft book, rattle, and pull toy, as well as a Skipit themed soft book, rattle, and pull toy.

Kids Preferred, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of plush toys and gifts, recently added Bunnies By The Bay to its growing collection of offerings for babies, toddlers, and kids.