Artist Alex beard Launches Impossible Puzzles Contest at Borders

Artist Alex Beard announces the second annual Alex Beard Impossible Puzzles Contest. This contest encourages people to think outside the box and challenge their creativity.

Most puzzles have interlocking pieces that fit together, and some have evolved to 3D versions and computer adaptations, but the end goal remains the same: to recreate the picture on the front of the box. Alex Beard’s line of Impossible Puzzles combats the theory that a puzzle can only result in one picture. The Alex Beard Impossible Puzzles contest encourages people to create their own puzzle art based on original works by Beard. In other words, the final result should not mirror the picture on the box cover. Each puzzle piece can be rearranged into a new composition, a new outline, a new image—a work of art of the puzzler’s very own. In the Impossible Puzzles collection, some shapes have common outlines, so there is more than one choice for what can fit. The pieces do not snap into each other, but settle beside one another instead, making the puzzle exponentially more challenging. While there is actually only one correct piece that combines with its neighbors to assemble the puzzle as intended, the pieces can be combined in infinite ways to create new puzzles and new shapes.

To enter, go to a local Borders book store and find the Alex Beard Impossible Puzzles display. Then, create your puzzle art based on Beard’s brand new “Red Peacock” puzzle right there at Borders or purchase a “Red Peacock” puzzle and create your masterpiece at home. Once you’ve finished creating your work of art, go to, fill out the submission form, and upload your photo. All entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. EST on March 7, 2011. One Alex Beard Impossible Puzzles Contest grand prize winner will receive a new, original Alex Beard painting inspired by the winning entry. Twenty-five runners-up will each receive a signed copy of an Alex Beard Impossible Puzzle. Prize winners will be selected based on creativity and adherence to theme by Alex Beard.

New Board Game Asks You to “Keep It Real”

Psychotherapist Leslie Robinson plans to demonstrate her new board game, Keep It Real, at select Border’s bookstores in New York City this month. Robinson says she created the game to entice people to interact outside the realm of mobile phones, computer screens, and television sets.

In the game, players round the game board collecting tokens for answering questions such as, “Do you believe in ‘an eye for an eye,’ or turning the other cheek, and why?,” and “If you could choose, would you rather be a man or a woman, and why?” The first person to reach the center with the most tokens wins.

“Keep It Real” is suitable for players ages 14 and up and can be played with as many as 12 and as few as two people. A list of Robinson’s appearances in New York City is available after the jump. [Read more...]

Discovery Bay to Launch Oxford Game Collection at Barnes & Noble

Stone America Licensing has announced the launch of Discovery Bay Games’ Oxford Game Collection at Barnes & Noble for spring 2011. The line will showcase the history of the University of Oxford in traditional games, including chess and checkers sets with gargoyle components, traditional cribbage, liar’s dice, dominoes, card sets, an authentic trivia game, and both jigsaw and pop-out puzzles.

Following the launch at Barnes & Noble, the products will be available at other retailers, including Borders, K-Mart, Nordstrom, Toys “R” Us, and specialty toy retailers. Additionally, they will be available online at,,, and

Monopoly “The Office” to Hit Store Shelves This Summer

USAOPOLY is introducing a brand new Monopoly Collector’s Edition based on NBC’s hit television show The Office. Monopoly “The Office” Collector’s Edition pits players against one another to compete for control of their favorite “Office” location.

In The Office edition, the classic Monopoly game board properties transform into popular locations in the show such as Dunder Mifflin Scranton, Dunder Mifflin Corporate, Michael’s Condo, and the Scranton Art Center.  Players might also land on “RUDIT-DIT-D’DOO!” (Community Chest), “That’s what she said!” (Chance), Donation to Rabies Fun Run (Luxury Tax), or Buy a Hug from Phyllis at Crime Aid Auction (Income Tax).

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