Bowboard – Just Gravity and You

Bowboard2A unique product recently launched on Kickstarter is looking to change the way we skateboard and scooter, by making one ride-on device that encompasses it all. Developed by Chris Miller, the Bowboard merges a bow, frame, and spiral-gearing mechanism to propel riders forward by using gravity as the main source of motion. The Bowboard is unlike anything you’ve seen before and the bowboarding motion gives The Wave (which mirrors the experience of surfing on the street), scooters, and skateboards a run for their money.

When you first look at the Bowboard you immediately wonder how on earth do you use it, but it’s actually quite easy. The rider stands on the center of the bow with either one or two feet (however you feel most comfortable at first) and as his or her body weight pushes down on the bow, it spins the back wheel using the spiral-drive technology. The other alternative is the kick-and-go method, which is a great way to start off and pick up speed (this motion is most similar to riding a scooter). [Read more...]