CBS Consumer Products Unveils New Star Trek Licensees

CBS consumer product logoCBS Consumer Products unveiled a lineup of new licensees who have signed on to expand Star Trek’s merchandising program with dozens of new product lines inspired by the iconic intergalactic franchise. From Spin Masters’ remote controlled vehicles to Wooden Expressions’ Tridimensional chess set, fans will get to relive, share, and celebrate the Star Trek franchise in many ways.

In celebration of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, the merchandising program includes domestic and international partners that will contribute to a landmark year for the franchise. The new licensees will pay tribute to both the legacy and the future of Star Trek across key categories. [Read more...]

Neil Patrick Harris Teams Up With Hasbro to Promote Scrabble Catch Phrase, Hasbro Game Night

Actor Neil Patrick Harris announced that he will be appearing in a new ad campaign from Hasbro, Inc., featuring the all new Scrabble Catch Phrase game. Harris, star of CBS’ sitcom How I Met Your Mother, is featured in the game’s television advertising campaign, set to begin airing in the U.S. this week.

Along with the commercial for Scrabble Catch Phrase, Harris will help kick off Hasbro Game Night, a new campaign that celebrates the fun and spontaneity of adding a game to any occasion. The first ad shows Harris “crashing” a gathering to liven up the action with the Scrabble Catch Phrase game, turning the friendly get-together into a Game Night. The all-new Game Night campaign will include two additional ads, featuring the Yahtzee and Jenga brands, which will not include Harris.

In Scrabble Catch Phrase, players describe words or phrases from one of five categories: fun and games, entertainment, everyday life, the world, and variety. It’s a frenzied game of grabbing, guessing, and passing that invites players to frantically try to get their teammates to guess each phrase that appears on the electronic game unit — just don’t be caught holding the game unit when the buzzer sounds. The game is recommended for four or more players, ages 12 and up. Three AAA batteries are required for the electronic game unit.

Scrabble and Hasbro Game Night fans will be able to find additional content, such as Neil Patrick Harris’ rules of Game Night and behind-the-scenes action from the television ad shoot, at and

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CBS Adds Highly Rated TV Series to Video Game Roster

CBS Consumer Products (CBSCP) announced production of two new video games based off CBS’s NCIS and the CW’s America’s Next Top Model television series. Global production for the video games is headed by Ubisoft and dtp young entertainment, respectively.

In America’s Next Top Model video game, players assume “control of one of 10 aspiring models” as she makes her way through challenges, photo shoots, catwalks, and more. The video game follows the format of the television series, with participants being voted off, and is available now on the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii consoles. A Canadian and Australian version have been announced, as well.

NCIS, developed by Ubisoft for worldwide release on all major consoles and internet distribution, hits shelves next year.