COMMENTARY: Easter Is the Other Big Holiday

I don’t know about you, but in my family, Easter is the “other” big holiday. It gets as much attention as Christmas and Thanksgiving, complete with family from near and far, a feast, candy, and, of course, Easter baskets. My sister and I are both in our 20s, but who says grown-ups can’t still get excited to open their Easter baskets and see what goodies await? While Easter isn’t the time for lots of presents, our baskets usually contain some candy, a few small trinkets, and one bigger gift. This Sunday, when kids across the country open their Easter baskets, some may be lucky enough to receive any of the following fun spring toys.


Spin Master Air Hogs Skywinder is an awesome choice for a kid’s “big” basket gift. Kids toss the R/C stunt rocket into the air and squeeze the trigger on the remote. The rocket flies, dives, hovers, and loops, and is lightweight enough that it can be used indoors. It flies high, though, so kids will enjoy it most outside—a perfect reason to go outdoors and celebrate spring! [Read more...]

COMMENTARY: Cooperative Games Foster Altruism and Community in Kids

Photo by Gabriele Galimbert, from Toy Stories

Photo by Gabriele Galimberti, from his photo essay Toy Stories

Our increasingly secular and wealth-driven culture might have an unforeseen consequence on our children’s—and our own—behavior: selfishness. My fellow assistant editor here at The Toy Book, Marissa DiBartolo, discovered an interesting photo essay by Gabriele Galimberti, Toy Stories, which chronicles children across the world and their toys. His finding? Children from wealthier countries were more possessive of their playthings, while poorer children were more apt to share.

I’m not sure I find his observations all that surprising. Cultures like our own, driven by accumulation and a winners-versus-losers mentality, are probably more likely to teach children that fancy material possessions are important and winning must be had at all costs. Ever played a game of Monopoly as a kid and wanted to cry after your sister or brother wiped the board with you? I have. Ever wondered where that emotion comes from? [Read more...]