COMMENTARY: Discover With Dr. Cool’s Treasure Hunt Kits are a Hit

Discover With Dr. Cool provides kids the opportunity to excavate for dinosaur bones, break open geodes, or dig for gold—all from the safety and comfort of home.

These kinds of toys are exciting and educational for kids, which parents can appreciate as well. I like the way the kits require kids to work for their “prize,” whether it is a piece of “fool’s gold,” a shark’s tooth, or a bug encased in amber, giving the child the feeling of having really found something valuable. As a kid, I  remember digging in the backyard looking for fossils and shrieking with excitement thinking I had found marble veins in the rocks along the Jamestown, R.I. coast. I would have loved these kits.

New to the Discover With Dr. Cool lineup this year is the Learn How to Pan For Gold! set. Mining tools, an adventure guide, and an activity booklet accompany the pan, “pay dirt,” and pyrite (hidden in the dirt). Kids learn how to pan for gold and can practice in a real stream or river with their tools. [Read more...]