GUEST BLOG: Share the Love with Mother’s Day Email Marketing

by Wendy Lowe

Many small businesses have a great opportunity to boost Mother’s Day sales via email marketing. If your business is one of the millions that offer beauty products, apparel, flowers, or other things that Mom would enjoy, you’re in luck! Hallmark doesn’t have to be the only company that does great business on Mother’s Day.

Many people have trouble figuring out what to give Mom on her day. This means your audience of prospects and customers would enjoy some creative purchase ideas that are easy to choose from. Your customers may also have forgotten about a gift so emails can be a valuable reminder to them. Here are five tips to help you get going:

1) Consider your products and services and look for a small selection (only one to three items) that you can promote in an email. This keeps the buyer decision process easy. Sometimes more information and choices only create doubt and uncertainty. Also, try to avoid suggesting products that require a specific size or fit, since all of us may not know Mom’s current dress size.

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