Encyclopaedia Britannica Launches Line of Kids Products

britannicakidsEncyclopaedia Britannica Inc. has partnered with Phoenix International Publications Inc. to develop and market a line of educational products under the Britannica Kids brand. JRL Group, Encyclopaedia Britannica’s licensing agency, brokered the deal.

The first product, Britannica Interactive Animal Library, is an 8-book boxed set including the titles Tooth & Claw, Reptiles, Birds, Bugs, Extinct Animals, Amazing Mammals, Sea Animals, and Hoof & Horns. Each book contains interesting facts and questions as well as vivid photos and illustrations about a number of captivating animals. The set also includes an interactive pen that lights up and provides audio answers to the quiz at the end of each section. Britannica Interactive Animal Library is now available at retailers including Costco, Costco Canada, and Toys “R” Us.

Encyclopedia Britannica Launches Britannica Kids touchTab


Encyclopedia Britannica, in partnership with Tek Nek Toys Inc., has launched its first interactive Britannica Kids touchTab. The touchTab is an educational tablet that inspires kids to learn interesting facts about various subjects with hands-on interactive play and quizzes to test knowledge.

Encyclopedia Britannica has found a way to engage young audiences while promoting knowledge and learning.  The touchTab comes with three content-rich cartridges, North American Mammals, Australian Mammals and African Mammals. Additional themed sets include Exploring Space, Incredible Earth, Amazing Ocean Life, and Days of the Dinosaur. The themed sets are sold separately.

Each cartridge contains more than 200 facts and questions, allowing children to explore three levels of content by answering questions in the Challenge Mode and unlocking new levels of difficulty. Children engage with the touchTab by pressing the various topics on the cartridges revealing educational audio content. The touchTab capitalizes on prestigious sources to insure that accurate information is presented in a fun and engaging method. [Read more...]

Allied Products to Develop Britannica-Branded Puzzles

Allied Products Company has been picked to develop and market a line of wooden and cardboard puzzles under the Encyclopaedia Britannica brand. Allied will produce the line of branded puzzles under both its Springbok and Majestic puzzle lines.

The Encyclopaedia Britannica Springbok puzzles will be sold at a wide selection of gift and specialty stores such as Hallmark, while the Encyclopaedia Britannica Majestic puzzles will be at retail stores. The first Britannica puzzle, America the Beautiful, will be on store shelves early this year.

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Encyclopaedia Britannica to Release Interactive, Illustrative Science Books

Publications International, Ltd., an Illinois-based publishing company,  has signed a new licensing agreement with Encyclopaedia Britannica to develop and market SD-X enabled interactive science books under the Britannica brand. The deal was negotiated by licensing agency JRL Group.

SD-X technology allows printed words and images to be connected to unlimited audio content. The first series of books will be the Britannica Illustrated Science Library that will include a SD-X pen. The technology will allow kids to place the pen on a word or image and hear it come to life with sound effects, information, and fun facts.

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