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Douglas Company Reveals Whatever Sak

The Douglas Company is expanding one of its latest collections. The Whatever Sak, new in the Christine Clarke collection, is a carrying case for girls that comes in four varieties. One Sak features a shoe print with neon pink, green, red, and black; the Dachshund Whatever Sak features puppies in hot pink, black, and white; the Peaceful Earth Whatever Sak features turquoise, tan, deep violet, and green; and the Spiral Whatever Sak features jewel tones of green, gold, orange, blue, purple, and pink.

The Whatever Saks will be available in stores in the U.S,, Canada, and Europe beginning in this September.

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New Juvenile Trade Show to Run Concurrently with TIA’s Fall Toy Preview

Next year, Dallas Market Center will premiere a new trade event for mass-market retailers, “PB&J: The Preview for Baby & Juvenile,” created as a joint venture with the Toy Industry Association (TIA). The new show will debut and run concurrently with TIA’s annual Fall Toy Preview, to be held October 2-4 on the Dallas Market Center campus.

PB&J will offer a focused selection of baby and juvenile resources from different manufacturers, with an emphasis on companies in the categories of furniture, bedding, gifts, décor, baby care, accessories, strollers, high chairs, and nursing/feeding. Echoing Fall Toy Preview’s model, PB&J will be a by-appointment-only event that brings together vendors with mass retailers for private meetings and networking events.

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Stone America Announces Licensing Agreement for New Science Toys

Stone America Licensing has announced a multiyear licensing agreement between educational science toy manufacturer Edu-Science (H.K.) Limited and Scientific American, an authoritative publication for science in the general media. Edu-Science will launch the collection of educational science toys at the Hong Kong Toy Presentation and Fall Toy Preview in Dallas in October. The Scientific American-branded toys range from “Science Fair Projects” to “How Things Work Today.”

Scientific American continues to seek licensees in categories including, but not limited to, consumer electronics, exploration equipment, publishing, gadgets, desktop accessories, and additional merchandise categories.

Fall Toy Preview: Sticker Books from Fashion Angels

StickerZine Volume 1: Love to Shop, by Fashion Angels Enterprises, is the first of the company’s new StickerZine book series. Girls complete the shopping scenes in the 16-page books by collecting stickers and placing them in the coordinating empty spots. Each StickerZine will come with one mystery pack of 28 stickers to get started, and there are seven additional mystery packs of stickers sold separately to complete the entire book. Additional volumes of StickerZines will be released throughout 2011.

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Fall Toy Preview: Sakar to Release Gummy Bear Electronics

Sakar International has signed a new licensing agreement with Street Players Holding Corporation to produce a new line of Gummy Bear-branded electronics. The products—including molded bear-shaped earbuds, bear-adorned Apple iPhone cases and Nintendo DSi cases, and molded game styluses—will be Gummy-textured, and will simulate the pliable feel and vibrant color palette of the gel candies.

Scheduled for release in first quarter 2011 in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and the UK, the Sakar license marks the latest chapter in a 15-month campaign by Street Players to extend the Gummy Bear brand beyond candy.

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Fall Toy Preview: Wild Planet’s Aquapets to Return to Stores

Wild Planet’s Aquapets are back. The collectible creatures are returning to store shelves in April, seven years after their original U.S. debut. Aquapets are thumb-sized, 3-D floating figures that live inside a raindrop-shaped case. The creatures come alive when kids or other Aquapets interact with them. A microchip, microphone, and speaker housed in the toy’s base allow Aquapets to respond to sound, replying with movement and melody. The more kids play with their Aquapets the more songs they will perform, and when two or more Aquapets are placed together they form an AquaParty—dancing, chirping, and conversing with one another.

Fans can expect to see updated versions of eight previously released pets in redesigned aqua pods and with new games. The new games include Memory Moov, a memory-building sequence game; Aqua Speed, a fast-paced reflex challenge; and Bubble Boogie, a fun way to make the mini marionettes dance. The assortment will include Bebe, Bertie, Bunni, Fizzie, Fretta, Harf, Puku, and Squirt.

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Fall Toy Preview: Pressman Prepares for The Smurfs

In anticipation of next summer’s release of the Columbia Pictures’/Sony Pictures Animation’s 3-D movie The Smurfs, in theaters August 3, Pressman Toy Corporation has signed a deal to create games and puzzles based on the movie. In this big-screen release, the Smurfs are chased out of their village by the evil Gargamel and wind up in New York City’s Central Park. The little blue creatures must find a way to get back to their village before Gargamel tracks them down.

Pressman Toy’s preschool games and puzzles are all priced under $20 with many options under $10. Games based on the movie will include Race to Smurfs Village, Don’t Drop Clumsy Board Game, Smurfs Follow Your Nose Dominoes, as well as Smurfs Pop ‘N Race, Make a Match, Big Roll Bingo, and a special spinning card game starring Clumsy Smurf. The products will be available at mass market and specialty stores nationwide in July 2011. Additionally, Pressman Toy will introduce a line of 24-piece puzzles featuring real movie scenes.

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Fall Toy Preview: Head Shotz, R/C Battle Toys

Head Shotz, by Silverlit Toys, is a new line of collectible characters that compete in an R/C battle. Targeted to boys ages 5 to 9, the R/C characters roll, battle, open to attack, and can shut down their opponents’ ability to function. The line is set to launch with four characters and three battle groups in fall 2011.

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Fall Toy Preview: SmartLab Has a Spa Day

All-Natural Spa Day is the sleepover/spa day/mommy-and-me version of SmartLab’s All-Natural Spa Lab. With the kit, kids can explore the natural science behind beauty. Before spa day, party planners can send out invitations to friends or family members, and when the big day comes they can participate in spa-themed activities and take home ribbon-wrapped presents.

The kit includes six project cards, bags of citric acid, four large-lidded pots, four small-lidded pots, four stir spoons, four headbands, four floral-shaped bath bomb molds, four pillow boxes with ribbon and sticks to package the bath bombs, glitter, a glitter scoop, three invitations, and a party-planning guide.

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Fall Toy Preview: New Top Trumps Cards

Top Trumps card games are similar to War, which is played with normal playing cards. But instead of featuring a number and a suit, Top Trumps cards feature statistics such as speed, skill, strength, and more that coincide with the theme of the deck. The object of the game is to beat—or trump—your opponent’s card by choosing your best stat for that card. The player that trumps wins the card, and the game keeps going until a player wins the entire deck.

New Top Trumps card games for 2011 will include Moshi Monsters, Go Go Crazy Bones, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Top Trumps Activity Super Hero Squad, and Top Trumps Tournament Marvel.

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