Hot for Spring and Holiday Travel—Customizable Flip Flops

Maui_Flip_Flops_W_Pink_Bloom_2__10997.1375240005.451.416Every now and then a non-toy item permeates space in toy stores due to its trendiness, appeal to kids, and, typically, its toyetic nature. Something about it makes it fun and kids have to have it.

Enter Lollz Flip Flops, from Wavewearco. Available in child and adult sizes, these flip flops allow users to customize their footwear with super easy snap-on/snap-off Lollz accessories, which include bows, flowers, buttons, etc. The company even encourages its customers to design their own Lollz for a unique look, with suggestions such as gluing on rhinestones, or painting them. The Lollz snap on and off easily, but stay on very securely.


The idea for the line came from the owner’s personal experience. He couldn’t understand why his daughters insisted on bringing so many pairs of sandals on vacation, taking up precious space in their luggage. They insisted that their footwear had to complement their outfit. And so Lollz were born. With Lollz, kids can bring one pair of flip flops, and several accessories to change their style as they wish, even on the go.



Step into Spring with Click Flops

Mogo Design, Inc. is launching Mogo Click Flops, a new fashion footwear line that allows women and girls to show their personal style or mood with more than 200 click-on magnetic Mogo Charms. Up to 14 charms can be attached to the footwear, letting fashionistas of all ages personalize their look with a mix of birthstone bling, monogram-style letters, and a variety of themed collections ranging from flowers to animals, and symbols such as peace signs and emoticons.

In conjunction with the Mogo Click Flops launch, the company also redesigned its website, The new site introduces Mogo Design’s first game, the Mogo Mood Matcher, which selects the perfect charm to match girls’ mood. The site also has a virtual Mogo Charm Design Studio, fun facts, and trivia for fans to enjoy while checking out the latest Mogo Charm Collections.

The Mogo Click Flops are now available at select specialty retail stores across the country.