Propel Equity Partners Acquires Zoob

propel equityPropel Equity Partners, a private equity firm focused on investing and creating value in leading consumer brands, has acquired the Zoob construction toy line from Infinitoy Inc. Zoob joins the Poof-Alex Holdings LLC family of brands, which includes Slinky, Poof, Ideal, Scientific Explorer, Fundex Games, and Alex on the Propel Equity Partners roster of leading children’s brands.

Zoob is a building set featuring pieces that move after you put them together, allowing for interactive creations. The pieces are based on a natural and living system that includes five basic pieces that snap together in 20 different ways to make building easy and versatile. With more than 30 different themed sets, Zoob products are sold throughout the U.S. and in more than 100 countries through a variety of distribution channels.

Propel Equity Partners Acquires ALEX

Propel Equity Partners, a private equity firm focused on investing and creating value in consumer brands, has acquired ALEX, maker of children’s creative products.

ALEX joins the POOF-Slinky family of brands, which includes Slinky, POOF, Ideal, Scientific Explorer, and Fundex Games on the Propel Equity Partners roster of toy brands. POOF-Slinky Inc. was acquired by Propel Equity Partners in last July, and Fundex Games was acquired in December.

The combined strength of the two companies, along with an emphasis on customer-development and brand-building, will continue to fortify the brands’ presence. Broadened distribution and intensified consumer communications will drive availability of, and desire for, ALEX products among more households across the U.S. and worldwide. [Read more...]

Games & Puzzles: Unusual Suspects

Fundex Games introduces the third product in its Dice Slide Game line, Unusual Suspects. In the game, players role play as the detective, but must also protect their own secret identities from being framed for committing the crime. The game starts with each player blindly drawing a card from the deck, which will show his or her secret identity. The crime scene is set by dealing cards and rolling the dice, and then players try to solve the case by matching their six fingerprint cards to the six fingerprint dice. Players can “tamper with the evidence” by drawing a new card or re-rolling one of the die. The first player to match their fingerprint cards to the dice is the winner and becomes chief inspector.

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