COMMENTARY: This Year’s Dinosaur Toys Extend Beyond Jurassic World

Sand Glove Dinosaur, by HABA

There’s no denying that Jurassic World and its Indominus Rex roared into the North American International Toy Fair in a big way this year. There are figures and role play and plush (oh, my!) and so much more inspired by the upcoming film—and they’re all really exciting. But, as a big prehistoric fanatic myself, I was excited to see that dinosaurs themselves were quite trendy this year (Finally! The world is catching on!), even if they won’t be appearing in a major motion picture later this spring.
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COMMENTARY: Fun in a Flash: Quick Games for Families

Flash_Pack_3DOn rainy days, classic favorites such as Scrabble and Monopoly are perfect to entertain kids. But some busy families might not have hours to devote to board games. There are great new games on the market that take only a few minutes to play, but will keep kids entertained when they are in the mood for a game or two.

In Flash!, from Blue Orange Games, players race to complete eight challenges of dice combinations as they try to rack up the most points. Combinations include six of a kind, a straight, all odd numbers, all even numbers, and two sets of three. The first player to complete the challenge picks up the chip worth the most points. Players continue rolling until all players earn a chip. Straight-forward and easy to learn, game play only takes about 10 minutes. There are enough sets of brightly-colored dice for up to six players ages 7 and up. [Read more...]

Ceaco Challenges the Mind with Brainwright

Ceaco launched its new division this summer: Brainwright–For Curious Minds. In addition to the Gamewright family games division, Brainwright will feature brainteasers, mind benders, and other items that aim to inspire right and left brain thinking, improve memory, and exercise logic skills in a fun way. Some of the Brainwright-branded items will include The Baffler, Flexi Puzzle, Hexus, and PuzzleBloxPuzzle Blox.

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Games & Puzzles: Sumo Ham Slam

Kids can step into the fierce and furry world of full-contact Sumo hamster wrestling, with Gamewright’s new game, Sumo Ham Slam. Using magnetic force, kids maneuver their Sumo hamster and try to knock their opponent out of the ring. The game is a competition of brawn and bulk, so feeding the hamster at every chance is a must. The game includes an elevated game board, a custom die, two magnetic wands, four Sumo hamsters, four scoring pegs, 60 food tokens, and rules in English and Spanish.

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Gamewright Inks Publishing Deal for Card Game Patchwork

Gamewright has signed an exclusive agreement with Knightweaver Games for worldwide publishing rights for Knightweaver’s independent card game, Patchwork. While the game play will remain the same, Gamewright will change the title to FlipSide and launch it in late 2010 / early 2011.

FlipSide is a light family strategy game of pattern matching and surprises. In the game, players draw cards and rearrange them to get four, five, or six of the same pattern in a row. The twist is that each card has patterns on both sides, and anyone can take and use any card that they can see.