Damien Crocker Appointed HABA USA Sales Manager

Damien Crocker joined HABA USA as the company’s new sales manager.

Crocker has more than 10 years of sales experience with toys. Before HABA, he worked at ORB Toys as its national sales manager. During Crocker’s tenure at ORB Toys, he helped win several industry vendor awards including: Learning Express Vendor Of The Year (2015 and 2016), Learning Express Exclusive Product Development Award (2016), Learning Express Store Support Award (2016), ASTRA Manufacturer’s Excellence Award (2011 and 2016), Learning Express Best Vendor Partner (2012 and 2014), Learning Express Industry Leader Award (2011), and Toy Collection Vendor Of The Year (2010).

Crocker also currently serves as board director of the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA), where he works closely with other board directors and staff members to develop strategic plans and programs to aid the continued viability of the specialty toy industry.

COMMENTARY: Bathtime Toys Clean Up at Toy Fair 2015

Playmates.BathTubVehiclesThis year, bathtime and playtime will become one and the same. Kids will no longer take pride in going days without bathing or purposely “forgetting” to wash behind their ears. In fact, judging from all of the amazing bath toys seen at the North American International Toy Fair, I’m betting that kids everywhere will be cleaner than ever and the dreaded bathtime battle between kids and parents will be a thing of the past. So, check out these babies and get ready for them to hit store shelves throughout the year! (Thought you should know, they’re listed in no particular order.) [Read more…]

Haba Launches Its Take Time to Play Campaign

Haba,TakeTimetoPlayWhile manufacturers gear up to capture the attention of shoppers, Haba is reminding everyone to take time to play with its Take Time to Play campaign, which urges families to put away distracting mobile devices and electronics in favor of getting back to basics.

A family company established nearly 80 years ago, Haba creates toys and games that entertain all age groups. Play is shown to develop numerous cognitive and physical skills in children, including language, math, motor skills, problem solving, creativity, social interaction, and emotional growth. [Read more…]