COMMENTARY: Life-Size Plush Seems Like the Real Deal

Everything seems bigger when you’re a kid. Rooms, yards, playground equipment—it all just seemed so much larger back then. Revisiting childhood places and beloved toys of yesteryear can often be as amusing as it is perplexing, when making the comparison between how you perceived the same thing as a child versus now as an adult. I think that’s one of the things that makes childhood so special: It’s a finite amount of time to see the world from below and feel tiny. One of my great desires as a kid was to have a life-sized stuffed animal. Not a life-sized cat, bird, or bunny. I’m talking a life-sized elephant, lion, bear, camel—something enormous. I just wanted to be able to curl up on it and be engulfed. I’m sure I wasn’t the only kid either. Here are some great, life-sized plush products that will not only make kids feel like they’re up close and personal with nature, but will make an awesome Christmas morning scene under the tree.


Melissa and Doug actually has a “giant stuffed animals” section online, featuring animals including a cheetah, a lion, an elephant, dogs, a penguin, and my favorite: the giraffe. The giraffe stands more than 4 feet tall, towering over kids with realistic markings and authentic facial features. Even as kids get older, this giraffe can transition into a decorative element of a bedroom without taking up much space. [Read more...]

Hansa and Zinger Launch Plush-TV In-store Signage to Retailers

ZINGER DIGITAL SIGNSHansa North America launched of their new Plush-TV signage channel to its more than 900 retail dealers in the U.S. and Canada. Plush-TV is an in-store entertainment channel, branded for each retailer, and shown to their shoppers. Hansa features more than 5,000 designs of individually handcrafted, realistic animals. Hansa’s products are sold worldwide in collectables and gift  shops, museums, toys stores, zoos, and retailers, such as FAO Schwartz.

Plush-TV’s entertaining and educational content is focused on the animal kingdom in their natural habitat. Plush-TV was developed by Zinger Digital Signs. Zinger customizes Plush-TV signage for each retailers’ requirements. Zinger brands with each retailer with banners, advertisements, and interactive content. Plush-TV also showcases each retailer’s Hansa store inventory. Shoppers can interact with the Plush-TV using QR codes and texting. Zinger Digital Signs manages the content and equipment for each retailer.

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