Meet Hexapillar: Target’s Robotic Gift Card

Innovation First and Target teamed up to create the Hexapillar gift card. The newest addition to Target’s 2,000-plus gift card archive, the Hexapillar gift card is a robotic caterpillar that flies. The gift card/bug is a collaboration between the design teams at Target and Hexbug, which specializes in micro robotic creatures.

Derived from the Hexbug Nano—the  autonomous robotic critter that behaves like a real bug—the Hexapillar features a caterpillar that transforms into a butterfly. The gift card launched in stores last week and can be found in the stationery, toys, and electronics departments until the end of the year.

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Hexbug Nanos Glow in the Dark

Innovation First’s new Hexbug offerings glow in the dark. Hexbug Nano is a 1.75-inch micro robotic bug that uses the physics of vibration to skitter along and explore its environment on smooth surfaces. Now it can come to life during the day or night.

The Hexbug Nano Glow-in-the-Dark Starter Set contains one extremely rare glow-in-the-dark mutation, two easy-to-connect curved pieces, and one easy-to-connect hexagon piece.

The Hexbug Nano Glow-in-the-Dark Spiral Starter Set features one [Read more...]

Update 2: Innovation First Responds to MGA Press Release

Innovation First CEO and President Tony Norman has responded to a press release by MGA Entertainment that was released earlier today. (To read the story, click here).

In his response, Norman countered MGA’s claims, stating “The intellectual property laws protect many different kinds of rights. The California lawsuit that MGA brought dealt with one set of rights, those that protect the outward appearance of a product. Our lawsuit deals with another set of rights, those that protect the engineering and design work that goes into making the product. Put simply, we haven’t accused them of copying our work in Art class; we’ve accused them of copying our work in Science.”

Update to Innovation First Lawsuit Against MGA

MGA Entertainment has responded to claims by Innovation First that allege MGA copied its Hexbug Nano line. In a press release, MGA stated that Innovation First has not served the company with a lawsuit. MGA is also stating that Innovation First admitted, as part of a sworn testimony last month to a federal judge in Los Angeles, that “the outward appearance of the current ‘Legend of Nara Battling Bugs’ toys from MGA . . . is substantially different from the outward appearance of the Hexbug Nano that the trade dress and copyright laws do not appear to be implicated.” MGA says that at the testimony Innovation First did not have any infringement claims against MGA’s Nara Bug. MGA is seeking a dismissal of the lawsuit.

MGA Sued for Allegedly Copying Innovation First’s Hexbug Nano

A lawsuit asserting claims for common law misappropriation and unjust enrichment was filed last week by Innovation First against MGA Entertainment, Inc. in the 354th Judicial District Court for Hunt County, Tex. The lawsuit accuses MGA of manufacturing, advertising, promoting, distributing, and/or selling products that were derived from innovative components of the Hexbug Nano micro robotic toy, created by Innovation First.

According to the lawsuit, MGA copied the Hexbug Nano’s motor assembly, components, housing, and legs, and is using them in the company’s Legend of Nara Battling Bug, in competition with Innovation First. The lawsuit seeks to recover any profits MGA has made or will make from the similar toy.