ICTI CARE, The Toy Association Launch New Partnership

ICTICareICTI CARE and The Toy Association partnered to support the continued development of the ICTI CARE program for workers in global toy factories, toy companies, licensors, and retailers.

For more than a decade, ICTI CARE has worked with the global toy industry to ensure that toys are manufactured responsibly and ethically, protecting the rights of toy factory workers. [Read more...]

ICTI CARE Seeks Toy Industry Views on Program Enhancements

ICTICareICTI CARE currently seeks consultation of proposed enhancements to its program. These updates include an enhanced, graded ICTI CARE Audit Checklist—the standard against which all factories are certified—and the introduction of a new Star Rating System for ICTI CARE Certification. [Read more...]

Walmart Reaffirms Commitment to ICTI Care Ethical Toy Program

ICTICareWalmart reaffirmed ICTI Care as one of its approved third party programs for monitoring social compliance, and has joined ICTI Care’s Committed Brands Plus Program.

ICTI CARE is the ethical supply chain program for the global toy industry. The ICTI CARE program combines far-reaching and specialized audits, a robust ethical certification scheme, capability building and worker well-being programs to improve standards in the global toy supply chain. [Read more...]

ICTI Care Rolls Out Online Auditor Assessment Tool

ICTICareICTI Care has developed an auditor assessment toll to enable toy factories to evaluate and give feedback on the performance on off-side auditors. This online assessment tool is the first of its kind for factories undergoing social compliance audits. [Read more...]

ICTI Care to Host Webinar Profiling Left-Behind Children

icwICTI CARE and Centre for Child-Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility (CCR CSR) will host a complimentary webinar on well-being sharing supply chain solutions to China’s left-behind children problem on March 9 at 9 a.m. EST.  [Read more...]

WIT to Host Next Learn the Ropes Webinar

WITLearntheRopesWomen in Toys, Licensing, and Entertainment (WIT) will host its next “Learn the Ropes” webinar, Responsible Sourcing 101: The Essentials of Ethical Toys, tomorrow from 12 to 1 p.m. Presented by Carmel Giblin, president and CEO of the ICTI Care Foundation, the webinar will give a better understanding of why responsible sourcing plays a vital role in the toy and entertainment industry. [Read more...]

ICTI Care Responsible Sourcing Platform Reaches Milestone

ICTICareLess than one year after its launch, ICTI Care’s new Responsible Sourcing Platform (ICPS) is connecting more than 1,000 factories with toy brands and retailers worldwide, enabling data sharing on a broad range of social sustainability issues and ethical compliance data. [Read more...]

ICTI Care to Host Webinar on Responsible Sourcing in Toy Industry

ICTICareWebinarICTI Care will host a complimentary webinar for toy and entertainment industry stakeholders to provide an overview of responsible sourcing and a better understanding of the ICTI Care Process. The session will take place on June 9 at 10:30 a.m. EST.

ICTI CARE’s Tom van Haaren, senior advisor of responsible sourcing, and Mark Robertson, director of communications & stakeholder relations, will lead the webinar, focusing on ICTI CARE’s role in the global toy marketplace and how it works with brands, retailers, and manufacturers to ensure that ethical workplace standards are met in factories.   [Read more...]

ICTI CARE Foundation Names Carmel Giblin Its President and CEO

The International Council of Toy Industries(ICTI) CARE Foundation has named Carmel Giblin as its new president and CEO. ICTI CARE promotes ethical manufacturing, fair labor treatment, and employee health and safety in the global toy and children’s product supply chain. Giblin will officially assume this new role on February 2.

For the past five years, Giblin has been the CEO of Sedex, a not-for-profit membership organization dedicated to improvements in ethical and responsible business practices in global supply chains.