GP Flair’s New Friend Xeno Comes Out to Play

June12 xenoGP Flair has unveiled the first details of the marketing drive behind Xeno, its interactive baby monster set to launch at the end of July.

With his unique aesthetics and multifaceted personality, Xeno offers a new play experience for children ages 6 and up. Xeno has more than 10 emotions, including happy, sad, playful, hungry, and unwell, along with more than 40 eye expressions, allowing him to communicate how he is feeling. His multiple sensors respond to touch, which allows kids to tickle, feed, and play with him. Xeno also loves music and will dance and sing along to songs, but will refuse to listen to songs he does not like. He also comes preloaded with five mini-games and can even talk to his Xeno Friends.

Downloading the free app will allow kids to play additional games and explore Xeno’s world.

Moose Toys Is Going to the Birds with Little Live Pets

Moose Toys Little Live Pets New York Toy FairMoose Toys is launching Little Live Pets, a new line of collectible and interactive pet birds available at retail this fall. Each Little Live Pets bird looks and acts like a real pet. They respond to touch, fit easily in the palm of the hand, and make more than 40 different sounds, including tweeting, chirping, and whistling popular nursery rhymes.

Little Live Pets also have a chatter back recording feature, which allows kids to talk to their bird and hear it talk back. There are eight birds in all, each with unique feather markings, and the line includes a bird cage for perching them. Little Live Pets are suitable for kids age 5 and up.

New Interactive Learning Village Unveiled

Created in collaboration with educators, parents, researchers, and child development experts, Curiosityville offers young children and their families playful learning. Curiosityville is the on and offline personalized play and learning world to be explored by children 3-8 and their parents.

In Curiosityville, children engage with six animated international characters, including Pablo the painter, Ruby the teacher, Joe the gadget guy, Rosie the scientist, Jack the policeman, and Olive the dancing chef.  Together, they encourage kids to explore, think creatively, and problem-solve.

The company has joined with several strategic partners, including National Geographic Kids, The Goddard School for Early Childhood Development, and The Association of Children’s Museums. In addition to reading, math, science, and social studies, Curiosityville incorporates evidence-based standards linked to effective learning and life-long achievement.

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Touchable Television for the Touchscreen Generation

Television and technology industry veterans Alex Kay, Scott Webb, and Tinsley Galyeanthe announced the launch of New York-based PlaySquare, LLC, a new company that will develop tablet-based Touchable Television.

The Touchable Television transforms television into an adventure in which children are able to watch, think, and act. Touchable Television is the combination of existing television episodes with interactive content that allows a child to step into and participate in the actual story of a television property.

PlaySquare has signed an agreement with  children’s media specialist Tina Peel to serve as advisor and executive producer. Peel has more than 30 years of experience in creating, producing, managing, and evaluating television and media products for children and families.

This post was originally written by Lindsay Gordon and published by For more news, visit, follow The Toy Book on Twitter, and like The Toy Book on Facebook. The Toy Book is a bimonthly trade magazine covering the toy industry, published by Adventure Publishing Group.