New Board Game Asks You to “Keep It Real”

Psychotherapist Leslie Robinson plans to demonstrate her new board game, Keep It Real, at select Border’s bookstores in New York City this month. Robinson says she created the game to entice people to interact outside the realm of mobile phones, computer screens, and television sets.

In the game, players round the game board collecting tokens for answering questions such as, “Do you believe in ‘an eye for an eye,’ or turning the other cheek, and why?,” and “If you could choose, would you rather be a man or a woman, and why?” The first person to reach the center with the most tokens wins.

“Keep It Real” is suitable for players ages 14 and up and can be played with as many as 12 and as few as two people. A list of Robinson’s appearances in New York City is available after the jump. [Read more...]