Arckit Launches Kickstarter Campaign

66cf39e0-40a2-4c5d-8b9f-599003640aaeArckit launched a Kickstarter campaign for twelve new kits designed to get kids interested in architecture and urban planning.

Kids will be able to create miniature model worlds using pieces with a minimalist design, subtle colors, and graphics. Kids can develop everything from suburban neighborhoods, downtown skyscrapers, city parks, and more.

The twelve new kits include four versions of Arckit Cityscape, each with its own components inspired by iconic styles of world architecture. Older kids can also choose from Cityscape XL, Cityscape XXL, Masterplan, and Masterplan Pro.

The campaign will run through June 9 with a €30,000 (US $32,968) goal.

Aqua Dragons Enters Distribution Agreement with Paradigm8697

World Alive entered a distribution agreement with Paradigm8697, which will market and distribute Aqua Dragons in Space and other World Alive products across the U.S.

The deal follows a successful Kickstarter campaign based on Aqua Dragons hatch-and-grow science kits. On April 17, World Alive reached its crowdfunding goal and launched 13.8 million Aqua Dragon kits into space from Aragon, Spain. [Read more...]

IAmElemental Series 2/Wisdom Releases Next Month

IameIAmElemental will ship its Series 2/Wisdom figures next month. This latest series of action figures specifically designed for kids will include Creativity, Ingenuity, Curiosity, Logic, Exploration, Mastery, and Oblivion, modeled after STEM pioneer, Hypatia. [Read more...]

Walkie Chalk to Launch Kickstarter Campaign

WC-4x3-w-LOGOSay goodbye to sore backs, scraped knees, and chalky hands. The solution to everyone’s chalk problems is now here. Walkie Chalk LLC introduces Walkie Chalk a patented chalk-holding foam technology that lets kids and adults easily draw with chalk on any surface.

For ages 3 and up, the final product will include chalk, but kids can also use nearly any sidewalk chalk they already have—including square and round shaped ones. The product is made of three pieces and is 36 inches long when put together. Kids and adults can easily assemble and dissemble the tubes together for storage.

Walkie Chalk is launching for one month on April 12 on Kickstarter. Crowdfunded orders will ship once the campaign ends, and then Walkie Chalk will be available at the Walkie Chalk website, Amazon, and other retailers on May 12.

JazWings Surpasses Panda-a-Panda Kickstarter Goal in Less than 48 Hours

JazWingsGraphicJazWings partnered with Panda-a-Panda to launch the Hong Kong brand worldwide, and has surpassed its funding goal in less than 48 hours since the launch of the Kickstarter campaign.

The $25,000 campaign started on Monday to create Panda-a-Panda’s first-ever stop-motion animation and introduce the brand to the rest of the world. The company has already produced more than 600 comic strips since its creation. As backers continue to fund the campaign, JazWings will release new stretch goals such as digital comics, extra stop-motion animation videos, and more. [Read more...]