Konami Exhibits Upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! Products at GAMA Trade Show

YuGiOhKonami Digital Entertainment Inc. showcased its product portfolio, including 2014 Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game products, at the Game Manufacturers Association’s annual trade show in Las Vegas on March 19 to 20. The latest Yu-Gi-Oh! cards include the Legacy of the Valiant: Deluxe Edition line, which came out earlier this month and features nine booster packs, foil versions, promotional sleeves, and preview cards of upcoming cards.

Meanwhile, the Premium Gold set will hit store shelves on March 28 and includes rare and never released cards. The last product for spring release is the Dragons of Legend booster packs, debuting on April 25, which contain cards from all four seasons of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TV show.

Konami is offering three accessories for the card sets. The Duelist Portfolios are [Read more...]

Konami’s Karaoke Revolution Glee to be Released November 9

Konami has officially announced that Karaoke Revolution Glee, based on the hit Fox series, will be available at retail stores nationwide on November 9 for the Nintendo Wii. The game, licensed through Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products, includes some of the most well-known songs and performances from Glee’s season one.

The play list includes:

Somebody to Love

Gold Digger

No Air

My Life Would Suck Without You

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Proud Mary

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Fox Consumer Products UK Signs Glee Partners

Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products UK has announced the first partnerships for its Glee licensing program. Fox Consumer Products has partnered with Konami Digital Entertainment for a new Nintendo Wii game, Karaoke Revolution Glee. In the video game, players sing alongside their favorite Glee characters and perform memorable scenes from season one.

Other new partners include GB Eye for a Glee-inspired range of postcards, posters, badges, and tattoo lines; Danila for calendars and diaries; Pyramid International for college stationery and bags; UK Greetings, Ltd. for a range of innovative greetings cards, gift wrap, and gift bags; Headline Publishing Group for a series of Glee novels and an official Glee annual; as well as new partners for mobile and computer accessories, gifts, health and beauty, bedding, confectionery, and apparel.

DanceDanceRevolution for Wii Announced with New Upgrades

Konami Entertainment has announced the release of an all-new DanceDanceRevolution for Wii, to be released this fall.

The version for Wii will build on traditional game play while introducing new elements, most prominently the new Choreography Style mode. The new mode will allow users to move with the model dancer on screen using their body, mat controller, Wii Remote, and Nunchuk simultaneously. The game will also incorporate traditional Wii play style with the use of the Wii Balance Board. The game included a new multiplayer mode that allows up to four players to become ultimate dancers by using their upper body to follow the on-screen dance moves.

DanceDanceRevolution originally debuted in arcades in 1998 and has previously been available on the Xbox 360 gaming system and PlayStation.

Fox Consumer Products Announces Glee Merchandising Program

Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products has announced the launch of a merchandising program for the Fox television series Glee. Merchandising plans have been announced for interactive products, apparel and accessories, publishing, electronics and games, and bedding and beauty.

Fox Consumer Products has partnered with Konami Digital Entertainment to produce Karaoke Revolution Glee, which will be release for the Wii this fall. “Gleeks” will be able to sing along with performances from the first season.

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers will release a series of Glee original novels, along with a deluxe gift book. C&D Visionary, Inc., will release stickers, patches, magnets, and temporary tattoos in the U.S. and Canada. Other licensees include Trends International, LLC for bookmarks and posters; P.C. Woo, Inc. for holiday gift sets; Sky High International for branded pens, planners, and other school supplies; and Hallmark for a line of greeting cards.

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New Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s TCG Available March 30

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. announced today that it will release its newest trading card came, Absolute Powerforce Special Edition, with super rare copies of Dandylion and Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, to retail and hobby outlets on March 30.

The Absolute Powerforce Special Edition includes three Absolute Powerforce booster packs and one super rare variant card. Absolute Powerforce Special Edition makes it easy for Duelists to get their own super rare copies of Dandylion and Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon. These monsters have only been available as magazine subscription promotional cards, and have never been available in stores until now.

Frogger Returns to Release This Fall on PSN, WiiWare

Frogger comes back to the video game world in Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.’s upcoming release, Frogger Returns. In the latest addition of the video game series, players try to guide Frogger from the bustling city back to his home marsh. The soon-to-be-released game will feature enhanced 3-D graphics, a new camera angle, and new levels.

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