China Toy Fair

Laser Pegs’ Pegasaur Greets Guests at the Toy Fair Entrance

Laser Pegs will construct a 15-foot-tall, 10-foot-long dinosaur, the Pegasaur, to greet guests at the entrance of the 2014 Toy Fair convention this weekend. A team of four people spent more than a month building the mammoth creature that is illuminated in shades of purple, yellow, green, and red by the thousands of LED lights that are encased inside each tiny Laser Pegs piece used to build it.

Here is a video showing the time-lapse construction process:

Laser Pegs Introduces Zippy Do

ZippydoZippy Do is the newest creation from Laser Pegs. The Zippy Do comes packaged as a car, but it can also be transformed into a helicopter or jet plane. Kids can also convert the Zippy Do packaging into a ramp and launch their new jet, helicopter, or car into the sky or along an imaginary racetrack.

Zippy Do comes with a light-up core that also has the capability to be set on flash mode, and comes with three batteries, instruction manuals for creating each model, and 22 different colored pieces that are interchangeable and 100 percent compatible with other construction toy sets. Children can follow the manuals or they can create something only they can dream up.

After the child has finished their creation, they can take a picture and upload it to the Laser Pegs website to be entered to win free Laser Pegs toys. Parents ands kids can also download the Zippy Do app for iPad and Android on the website. In the app, kids can choose between a virtual Zippy Do car, jet, or helicopter and race against time to record the fastest speed.

Zippy Do is suggested for kids ages 3 and up.

COMMENTARY: Construction Toys Shine Bright

9000One of the most classic toy categories is construction toys. These toys successfully compete in a market full of apps and tablets in their simplest form, without any gadgets or technology. Lego, Lincoln Logs, Tinkertoy - they’re all names that kids and parents know and love. But just because construction toys don’t need technology in order to hold their own on the shelves doesn’t mean companies aren’t trying to incorporate it, making construction toys an even more interactive play experience.

One of the most popular trends I’m seeing lately is the addition of LED lights to construction sets, turning creations into a flashy toy that you can display. Some companies have built their entire brand around this concept, such as Lite Brix and Laser Pegs. These building sets allow kids to construct creatures, characters, and vehicles that they can plug in and light up with LED lights. With this sort of creative toy, kids can make their own night lights, room decorations, or just fun creations to show their friends and family. [Read more...]

Laser Pegs to Release NFL Series

For the third quarter, Laser Pegs will introduce a line of NFL-licensed light-up building brick sets.

Laser Pegs Offers New Toys for Special Needs Children

Laser Pegs is offering new products for children with special needs just in time for the holidays. Check out an animated trailer below!

[Read more...]

New Light-Up Construction Sets

Have you seen these new light-up construction sets that are set to hit the market?

The Laser Pegs 3D Lite Board (above), featuring 40 holes that conduct low voltage power, acts as a building platform for the pegs. Kids can create an abstract model and set the board to flash faster, as a strobe, or it can be set to off. The board can support up to 200 Laser Pegs and its base also serves as a storage compartment for all the pieces. The board can also be used to play five different board games.

Laser Pegs products combine building with LED-supplied light. Each Laser Peg shape can transfer a low voltage current to any other shape it is connected to. The platform can be run on batteries or with an AC supply. [Read more...]

New Product: Laser Pegs With Sound Chips

The video above shows a new Laser Pegs product that features sound effects via embedded chips. For more information about Laser Pegs, click here.