COMMENTARY: Construction Toys Shine Bright

9000One of the most classic toy categories is construction toys. These toys successfully compete in a market full of apps and tablets in their simplest form, without any gadgets or technology. Lego, Lincoln Logs, Tinkertoy - they’re all names that kids and parents know and love. But just because construction toys don’t need technology in order to hold their own on the shelves doesn’t mean companies aren’t trying to incorporate it, making construction toys an even more interactive play experience.

One of the most popular trends I’m seeing lately is the addition of LED lights to construction sets, turning creations into a flashy toy that you can display. Some companies have built their entire brand around this concept, such as Lite Brix and Laser Pegs. These building sets allow kids to construct creatures, characters, and vehicles that they can plug in and light up with LED lights. With this sort of creative toy, kids can make their own night lights, room decorations, or just fun creations to show their friends and family. [Read more...]

New Product: Hi-Tec Art

Hi-Tec Art Cube from Hi Tec Art on Vimeo.

At Toy Fair, Hi-Tec Art showcased its stick-in LED tech toys. With the products, budding artists (or just regular folks) can create their own designs and masterpieces using colored LEDs and glowing Artwires, without a soldering iron. Users just stick the LEDs in the rubber power pad and they light.

Hi-Tec Art also debuted the Cube: a 64-RGB LED light show that runs for 45 minutes without repeating (see above video). Each of the LEDs produce over 1000 colors, creating a mesmerizing show. For more information on the company and products, visit