All Things Equal Launches Klondike Bar Game

Klondike-ComponentsAll Things Equal, maker of the Loaded Questions and Awkward Family Photos games, has partnered with Klondike for the new board game, What Would You Do for a Klondike Bar? The game dares families and friends to conquer hundreds of creative, courageous, and cockamamie challenges in the name of the slogan.

The 300 head-to-head challenges require quick thinking, creativity, and a willingness to laugh at yourself and with others. Players will find themselves asking for a date while grunting like a caveman, coming up with a funny new use for bacon, quickly answering a provocative trivia question or completing an absurd trivial act for a chance to win one of the six Klondike bar flavors needed to win the game. The reward for besting fellow players is a take-home champion card and bragging rights. The What Would You Do for a Klondike Bar? board game is now available at, and will debut at Fred Meyer, select Target and Toys “R” Us locations, and specialty stores later this year.


Popular Comedic Brands Dominate New Licensed Products from All Things Equal

All Things Equal, maker of the popular Loaded Questions and Awkward Family Photos board games, has introduced several new licensed products at the American International Toy Fair this week, including an Awkward Family Photos Picture Frame Kit and a party game based on the Twitter page of comedian Rob Delaney. With more than 750,000 followers, Delaney has been called “The Funniest Person on Twitter” by Comedy Central, The Huffington Post, and others. [Read more...]

Loaded Questions Announces Contest Winners

Five people took home a cool $5,000 each after their “loaded question” was picked to be included in revised editions of the board game, Loaded Questions. The game combines elements of Trivial Pursuit, The Newlywed Game, and Scattergories.

Players are asked open-ended questions such as “What is a totally inappropriate activity for a first date?” or “If you were to make yourself more attractive, what would you do?” After submitting their answers anonymously, players take turn guessing who gave what answer. The winner of the game is the person who knows the other players best.

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