Manhattan Toy Releases New Toys for Babies and Toddlers

Manhattan Toy is adding seven new wooden toy designs to the baby and toddler toys collection. Among the toy additions are the Playtime Activity Cart, the Roll-Along-Bear Shape Sorter, the new Puzzle Time Pals, the Skwish, and two animal-themed teethers.

The Playtime Activity Cart has a push handle for easy steering and a sturdy, non-woven storage pouch for little ones to carry their things.  The wooden wheels have rubber traction that glide across the floor. Each side of this cart features multiple activities, including spinning gears, and shape mazes.


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Manhattan Toy Unveils Nine New Imagine I Can Kits

Manhattan_Toy_150750_Farm_Fun_Combo_HRManhattan Toy will launch nine additional Imagine I Can kits for a mid-year release. Kids can explore weaving, stained “glass” window stick-ons, jungle or farm 3-D play, or go bowling on the kitchen counter. The newest Imagine I Can kits will be available online and on store shelves in July.

Imagine I Can features more than two dozen affordably priced activities for kids ages 3 and up. Many of the kits come packaged in colorfully designed tins that are portable and reusable.

The nine themed kits range from mini play sets of jungle or farm animals to bowling with a wooden ball or marbles. Craft kits expose children to the art of weaving and stained glass, using age-appropriate tools like paper stick-ons and pre-cut weaving strips. [Read more...]

COMMENTARY: Turning a Complaining Kid into a Knitting-Whiz

This winter has been a brutal one for New Yorkers (and I’m not even sure it’s over yet). I for one was more than willing to load up on the cold weather gear, donning a new bubble coat, an oversized infinity scarf, and fingerless gloves with mitten covers in a concerned effort to keep out the cold and stave off the flu. Long johns were even necessary on a few of the more brutal days this year. Though most adults are eager to be as warm as possible during the winter months, it can be difficult to get kids to bundle up willingly. My niece and nephew whine and whine about putting on their winter’s finest: “The zipper pinches my chin!,” “I can’t breathe!,” “I can’t see with this hat on,” etc., etc. A good way to combat the incessant complaining and layering reluctance is to let kids make their own cold weather accessories. [Read more...]

COMMENTARY: Wooden Toys Prove to Be Timeless

At this year’s American International Toy Fair, I found that the industry’s trend of creating retro and nostalgic toys is hitting the infant/preschool sector in a big way. Multiple companies were debuting new toy lines that were a throwback to the classics: wooden toys.

Ali.March7Chicco’s new wooden line was particularly impressive. Known for their focus on developmental toys, Chicco created a wooden toy line that revamps the old classics that are familiar to parents. From Stacking Cubes and Sailor Friends, to all sorts of instruments and pull toys, Chicco was debuting a line that gave a modern, sleeker look to toys that are generational favorites. The Animal Cottage Wood Sorter, a classic wooden toy with a modern and colorful look that teaches important skills, was irresistibly adorable.

Along with Chicco, wooden toys were popping up in preschool lines from Beanpatch & Co. and Manhattan Toy. With no more proof needed than the success of Melissa & Doug’s wooden toys, classics tend to evoke memories in parents—ones they can then share with their children while creating new ones. In a world of technology-driven toys, there’s something to be said for the simple, classic nature of a wooden toy line, and the quality ones will stand up against time. These wooden toys not only have a crafted look that increases value, they also teach developmental skills to babies and infants in a simplistic way.

For more commentary from Ali, check back each Thursday afternoon. Views expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Toy Book as a whole. We hope that you will share your comments and feedback below. Until next time!

Manhattan Toy Adds a Seussical Twist to Infant, Preschool Lines

Manhattan Toy has partnered with Dr. Seuss Enterprises L.P. to introduce five new Dr. Seuss toys. Products are suitable for babies 3 months and up. Check out some of the new offerings below. [Read more...]

Ruling Maintains Manhattan Toy’s Exclusive Rights to Automoblox

A recent arbitration ruling has reaffirmed Manhattan Toy’s licensing rights to Automoblox, LLC. Manhattan Toy has been the exclusive licensee and distributor for the Automoblox line of modular wooden vehicles in Europe since January 2008 and worldwide since January 2009.

In late 2010, Automoblox, LLC disputed Manhattan Toy’s rights under the agreement. An arbitrator has recently settled the dispute in Manhattan Toy’s favor, ruling that the license agreement between the companies is still effective, and that Manhattan Toy continues to have the exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute the line worldwide.

New Product: Manhattan Toy’s Edtoy Line

Manhattan Toy is unveiling the Edtoy line of new wooden building and construction toys. The toys use revolutionary rotating magnet technology that allows the blocks to securely connect together, regardless of their polarity. As the blocks rotate they produce a clicking sound, adding play value to the toy and boosting a child’s creativity. The wooden pieces are easy for children to detach and put back together. There are three different series of the toys available: MagnaMobiles, Ed Dinosaur Series, and Smart Block.

Parents Magazine and Manhattan Toy Partner for Preschool Line

Parents magazine and Manhattan Toy will debut their new educational toy line at ABC Kids Expo, to be held October 10-13 in Las Vegas. The Parents toy collection features an array of preschool developmental toys that encourage musical interests, stimulate imaginations, and encourage role play. Made of soft materials and sturdy wood, the Parents toy line includes an activity cart, activity center, scooter, soft toys, and more. New additions to the line will launch in January.

Fraggle Rock’s Sprocket the Dog, New from Manhattan Toy

I loved Fraggle Rock as a kid, especially Sprocket the Dog. This plush Sprocket the Dog from Manhattan Toy is new for 2010.

Sprocket is an intelligent sheepdog owned by Doc, the inventor of Fraggle Rock, and proves the motto that dog is truly man’s best friend. He spends much of his time in Doc’s Workshop, where his bed and food dish are, observing Doc at work. Sprocket is very communicative and frequently talks to Doc by barking lively, giving facial expressions, or by pointing to objects in a form of charades. Doc often relies on Sprocket to help with household chores, including repairs on the water pipes.

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