Starpath Dolls Are Kids’ New BFFs

starpathStarpath Dolls, created by Starpath founder and CEO Anita Winsor and her daughter, mix playtime and fun with books. With Starpath Dolls, kids ages 5 to 9 can escape into an imaginary work through personalized chapter books that star their dolls and themselves.

Each book is written by a renowned author and is centered around two girl companions, or BFFs. The books are so customizable that details from the child’s world can be placed inside the text of the book.

Kids can choose between four 18-inch dolls, including Morning Star, Shining Star, Wishing Star, and Wandering Star. The child can then visit the Starpath Dolls website to create their own personalized book using the code they received after purchasing the doll. Families can also choose to enter their child’s doll’s name or make up a new one of their own to be placed in the story.

Each original book arrives in the mail within 1 to 2 weeks, and dolls and books can be found on and at specialty retail stores across the U.S. Additional outfits for your doll can also be purchased separately.

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