Josh &The Jamtones to Release New CD

PromoImage.jpgBoston-based kindie rock band Josh & the Jamtones are ready to break new ground with the release of its second kids’/family CD, Bear Hunt!

Bear Hunt!  introduces an array of musical styles, all delivered with a sense of current musical taste, from New Orleans-style street music, roots/reggae, second-wave ska, pure folk, folk-punk, alt-country, and classic country/bluegrass.

Bear Hunt! will be released on October 1. Josh & the Jamtones will perform live September 21 and 22 at the Life is Good Festival in Canton, Mass., November 24 at the Solomon Schechter Day School in Newton, Mass., and February 1 at the Symphony Space in New York City.

Trout Fishing in America to Release New CD

COVERTrout Fishing in America will release a new album of witty story-songs on September 3. Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers features tongue twisters, mind-benders, spooky situations, and instantly identifiable slices of a kid’s life. From the creepy feeling of stepping in a gooey substance that is definitely “not mud,” to witnessing the disturbing sight of your sister kissing her boyfriend, to exploring a “Zoo Wacky Zoo” where tigers do the tango, the songs and situations unfold with every track.

Keith Grimwood and Ezra Idlet have been writing and playing music together since 1976, when they met in a folk rock band. Their style appeals to audiences across generations, making their music “family music.” The band plans to greet its fans nationwide this fall as they tour to celebrate the new release. The concert schedule details are available at

COMMENTARY: Help! Kids Should Know the Beatles Too


The Fab Four: George, Ringo, Paul, and John

I was commuting to work yesterday, minding my own business, when I heard a teenager telling her friend that her strawberry-themed bracelet symbolized her favorite song “Strawberry Fields” by Twintapes. Now as a rule of thumb, I normally tune out every single thing that I hear on the subway, but this particular statement stopped me in my tracks. To say that I am an avid Beatles fan is like saying that the band was “a little popular.” I have obsessed over their music for as long as I can remember, and I will stop there because I could go on and on for days on the topic. The band changed my life and made me fall in love with rock ‘n roll at a very young age, and it breaks my heart to know that teenagers and kids are being robbed of the tunes that made me love music.

The Beatles Yellow Submarine, released in 1999

The Beatles Yellow Submarine, released in 1999

This Beatles-oblivious teenager could not possibly go on thinking that one of the greatest songs of all time was written and recorded by the Twintapes, and this problem should be addressed in the future—for all our sakes. Presently, I have seven girlfriends expecting babies and a brand-new nephew—I know, there is something in that Alabama water—so I feel that it’s my duty to make sure that they are brought up listening to “Come Together,” “Revolution,” “Hey Jude,” and “She Loves You.” I want them to recognize the phrase, “We all live in a yellow submarine,” and I want them to know who wrote “Strawberry Fields Forever.” I took it upon myself to find kid-appropriate methods of Beatles introduction. [Read more...]

Kidtoons and MyKazooTV Bring Kids’ Music to the Big Screen

Kidtoons Films, a Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp. program, has partnered with MyKazooTv to bring kid-friendly content to theaters nationwide. MyKazooTV offers parents and kids a safe, focused environment showing hundreds of entertaining music videos by top artists, kid hosts, and humorous educational interstitials. The first video featured on Kidtoons will be a Farmer Jason video in May on all Kidtoons screens.

“The partnership between myKaZoo and Cinedigm is a natural fit,” said Debbie Dunn, Account Director, Kidtoons. “We show the best in age-appropriate entertainment at our Kidtoons weekend matinees and we know that our Kidtoons families will enjoy the great music videos from MyKaZootv artists, such as Farmer Jason.”

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Kidz Bop Ultimate Hits Releases Next Month

Kidz Bop, the No. 1 music brand for kids ages 5-12 in the U.S., is releasing its latest album, Kidz Bop Ultimate Hits, on May 8. Featuring songs such as Train’s “Hey Soul Sister” and Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It),” Kidz Bop Ultimate Hits offers 13 popular songs in one place.

Kidz Bop is a best-selling brand with more than 12 million CDs sold, to date. Billboard named the Kidz Bop Kids the No. 1 Kids’ Artist of 2011. For more information, visit

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Children’s Musician Bari Koral to Play Free Summer Concerts

Bari Koral’s concerts are a high energy and interactive experience for the whole family. Her live shows blend music, movement, singing, dancing, and even a little yoga.

The summer, Koral will play seven free shows on Long Island. If you print out the flyer above (click on the image to make it larger) and take it to one of her shows, you can receive a free ducky with any merchandise purchase.

Check out her full schedule at