COMMENTARY: The Toy Industry Stands Up for National Bullying Prevention Month

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and whether or not you believe bullying is a natural rite of passage among children, versus a series of preventable behaviors that can leave lasting emotional damage on the young, one thing is clear: It has become a part of the national conversation. Joining the voices chiming in on the subject is the toy industry, which in the months leading up to October, has seen a number of actions among various players to address the problem of bullying. Some take the form of products that try to make kids understand the bad feelings that come with being picked on; others seek galvanize youth into taking a stand against bullying together. [Read more...] Launches #SafeTextOrNoText Anti-Bullying Campaign

SafeTextorNoTextKids everywhere can voice their opposition and bring further awareness to the issue by using the #SafeTextOrNoText hashtag when creating videos, photos, fan pages, and other user-generated content on Members that sign the ongoing Bully-Free Zone petition will be directed to a Bullying Prevention Tip Sheet customized by

#SafeTextOrNoText is named after the Safe Text functionality that filters out inappropriate content when members are posting online. This campaign is one of many initiatives to foster a safe and fun digital environment for kids across the country.