Nerd Corps Entertainment Announces Slugterra DVD

slugterraShout! Factory Kids, in collaboration with Nerd Corps Entertainment, announced the release of Slugterra: Slugs Unleashed, an all-new DVD collection based on Nerd Corp’s animated action series. The DVD includes 5 episodes and bonus content including a look behind the scenes of Slugterra, plus bonus animated Slugisodes.

Slugterra is set underground where the ammo is alive, and every cavern holds a new adventure, a new battle, and new slugs to be discovered. The plot revolves around Eli Shane and his desire to be the greatest slugslinger in Slugterra, and to protect Slugterra from enemies while he father is missing. Episodes include: The Slug Run, Shadows and Light, Dawn of the Slug, Club Slug, Endangered Species, and the DVD bonus features include a look behind the scenes and additional Slugisodes. Slugterra: Slugs Unleashed is available in stores June 18.


Teletoon and Nerd Corps Signs Deal for New Series

Teletoon has teamed up with Nerd Corps Entertainment to develop a new 52 x 11-minute 3-D animated series, Endangered Species. The comedy series, aimed at kids ages 6 to 11, follows the antics of a recently liberated pet bunny and a stump-winged seagull as they try to survive in a wilderness that’s becoming more urban. The show is currently under development.