COMMENTARY: Inspirational Young Girls Can Change the World

American Girl has this wonderful program where they release a Girl of the Year doll, who comes along with stories, games, and activities that “celebrate what it means to be a girl today.” There’s a lot of dolls out there on the market that are providing great, positive messages to girls worldwide. Whether they are promoting positive body image, confidence, the drive to dream big, STEM education, or all of the above and more, girls have their pick of the litter when they are searching for a doll that is, in a sense, just like who they are or who they strive to be. American Girl announced their 2014 Girl of the Year on January 1: Isabelle, “an inspired dancer that finds her own way to shine.”

But some girls aren’t able to find that doll that would really make them feel special—and brave 10-year-old Melissa Shang has spoken out (adorably and politely) requesting that her favorite doll company, American Girl, make the 2015 Girl of the Year doll that is more like her.

Shang has Charcot-Marie-Tooth, a debilitating form of muscular dystrophy, and is leading one of the fastest-growing petitions right now on for American Girl to create a Girl of the Year doll with a disability. Shang is truly an inspiration. In just over 72 hours of her starting the petition, more than 15,000 people have joined the campaign she has launched. [Read more...]

Petition Launched For Female Lego Set

A petition asking Lego to release a set of female scientist figures is garnering a substantial amount of attention. The driving force behind this petition is Melissa Wardy, a mom from Wisconsin who discovered after toy shopping with her 7-year-old daughter that female characters make up only 16 percent of the mini figures toy sets offered by Lego.

Melissa also learned that Lego held a public contest earlier this year, and an all-female figure set was entered representing “smart, adventurous, and strong women in STEM jobs—such as paleontology, astronomy, chemistry, and firefighting.” The series submission has gained the 10,000 votes needed for Lego to consider producing it.

Melissa launched the petition as an effort to urge Lego to not just only consider creating the set, but to actually bring the female scientist set to stores. If this petition sparks an interest in you, you can check out it out here:

Melissa Wardy’s daughter, Amelia, talks about how disappointed she was after her trip down the toy aisle: