P’Kolino Introduces Four Chalkboard Products

P’Kolino introduces four new chalkboard products, including the Chalkboard Bookshelf, the Tabletop Easel, the Little One’s Art Easel, and the Chalk Table and Benches.

The Chalkboard Bookshelf features three front-facing shelves for organization and a chalkboard door that kids can personalize.

The Tabletop Easel features a chalkboard on one side and a whiteboard on the other, as well as a paper roll and chalk. It folds flat for easy storage.

The Little One’s Art Easel is a smaller version of the Tabletop Easel. It features a chalkboard on one side and a whiteboard on the other. It includes a paper roll and chalk.

The Chalk Table and Benches features a chalk table with reversible tabletop and an under the table storage compartment to organize art supplies.

P’Kolino Introduces Pop-Artist Inspired Art Supplies

P’Kolino introduces Britto, a line of art supplies inspired by pop artist Romeo Britto. The European-made art supplies come with easy-to-clean canvas travel cases, 12 triangle crayons, 12 colorful markers, and a pad of bright white paper. Upon purchase, consumers have the option to select the Britto coloring book for free. The book teaches children ages 3 and up about colors and patterns.

P’Kolino will also release the Bug Artist Travel Set, which includes the same art supplies as Britto, the Playful Xylophone, Puff the Frolicking Pull Toy, the Table Top Art Easel, and the New Chalkboard Bookshelf.