Playmobil Pirates from Gameloft Launch on iOS Devices

Gameloft’s Playmobil Pirates is now available from the App Store. This free-to-play title, which will be released subsequently on Android devices, takes place in a fun-filled environment based on the Playmobil line of pirate-themed toys.

Playmobil Pirates is currently available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPad Touch, and the Android version will hit the Google Play store soon.

Gameloft and Playmobil Partner for New Pirates Game

Gameloft and Playmobil have partnered for the development of the Playmobil Pirates game for smartphones and tablets. In Playmobil Pirates, players can meet up with the toys from the pirates range, from the classic figurines to the newest additions. Users must build their own pirate camps and recruit crew members while completing quests and mini-games. Playmobil Pirates will be available for free on iOS and Android devices by the end of this year.

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