Michael Jackson Gets New Singing, Dancing Game

Ubisoft and The Estate of Michael Jackson have joined together to announce the holiday release of a performance-based Michael Jackson game. The game will feature hits songs, such as Billie Jean and Beat It, as players sing and dance like the pop star.

The game will be available on Microsoft’s Kinect (Project Natal) for the Xbox 360, Sony’s PlayStation 3 system with PlayStation Move support, Nintendo’s Wii, Nintendo’s DS, and PlayStation’s PSP.

This is the first Michael Jackson game to be released since Sega Genesis’ Moonwalker in the early ’90s.

Photo Credit: WiiNintendo

The Toy Book Previews Project Natal for Xbox 360

The Toy Book had an awesome opportunity to preview Microsoft’s new Project Natal (a codename) for the Xbox 360, and it’s pretty cool. With Project Natal there’s no need for a controller, which for many people can be daunting with all types of buttons, joysticks, and other contraptions. Instead, YOU are the controller. If you want to kick the ball on the screen, just kick out your leg and kick it! If you want to turn the virtual car to the left, stretch out your arm and turn! Natal is similar to the Wii, but there is no controller, only your body.

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