COMMENTARY: Marble Runs Are on a Roll!

During Toy Fair last month, I saw quite a few marble runs on display, which is not at all surprising. This particular toy has been around since my own childhood and never seemed to go away for any prolonged span of time. Meanwhile, one of the vendors I spoke to said marble runs have actually increased in popularity over the past year, thanks to the growth of the construction toy category. He also said that many customers opt for larger sets—or else buy multiple small ones of the same brand—and that the ability to combine sets to build ever-larger runs makes for exceptional toy value in their eyes.

Personally, I think marble runs are a thing of beauty: You drop in your fateful spheroid and watch as it winds its way toward its ultimate destiny, guided only by physics and skilled engineering. For young builders, they are a terrific means of developing an understanding of cause and effect, not to mention patience–as any seasoned vet can tell you, it can take repeated tries and multiple setbacks before a marble run is put together perfectly. But it’s worth it: A well-built run can have a downright pacifying effect, as watching the marble traveling along can put the mind in a focused, relaxed state.

Despite what they may have in common collectively, marble runs come in a range of different shapes, materials, and styles. Here are a few of my favorite companies currently producing them, but by no means should it be considered a definitive list. The breadth and scope of these toys is certainly worthy of a longer discussion; I’m just here to get the proverbial ball–or marble–rolling:

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Hape Announces August Delivery of Quadrilla

Quadrilla Basic Set

Hape will begin the first shipment of Quadrilla in August. The marble run design is both owned and manufactured by the company. Quadrilla is made of rubber wood blocks, birch rails, and wood funnels. The product debuted at the American International Toy Fair in New York and is available in more than 50 countries. Hape acquired the Quadrilla brand and patents for design, and the product is available in the Basic Set, Twist Set, Rail Set, and the Twist & Rail Set.

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Manhattan Toy Picked as Distributor for Quadrilla Products


Manhattan Toy has finalized a worldwide licensing and distribution agreement with Quadrilla Spielzeug Design und Herstellung, creators of “Intelligent Play in Wood,” to manufacture and distribute Quadrilla’s complete range of Marble Runs and accessories starting in 2010.

Manhattan Toy will preview the collection at the Toy Fairs in New York and Nuremburg this month.