Simba Toys Becomes Major Shareholder of Zimpli Kids

SimbaZimpliKidsSimba Toys is now a major shareholder of Zimpli Kids. The partnership first began in 2014 when Simba Toys became a distributor of Zimpli Kids products.

In those three years, Simba Toys has launched a German version of Gelli Baff, Gibbi, which has been in The NPD Group’s top three bath toys in Germany each year.

Simba Dickie Group to Develop Toys for Kikaninchen

As a first step in the marketing of Kikaninchen, a new preschool brand by KI.KA, M4e AG has announced that Simba Dickie Group has been named the first partner for the toys/soft-toy sector.

Simba Dickie Group will produce an exclusive range of products via its many brands. Nicotoy will develop various Kikanichen soft-toys; Eichhorn will produce a range of wooden toys; Simba Toys will develop creative toys such as painting and handicraft boxes, finger paints, and Softknete modeling clay; Big will offer outdoor toys such as its Big-Bobby-Car, and a balance board; and Noris-Spiele will develop games and puzzles.

All of the products will debut at the Nuremberg International Toy Fair in next February, and should be available at retail the following summer.

From the Swiss Comes Squap

Diggin Active, Inc., is bringing the latest European toy to the U.S. this summer with Squap. Developed in Switzerland, Squap is currently the No. 1-selling outdoor toy in Germany, according to Diggin’s press release.

Squap is played by cupping a ping pong-sized ball in a “snap trap” mitt and then quickly uncupping it to send the ball flying with a pop. Another player catches the ball in his or her mitt and returns it.

Diggin is the official U.S. distributor of Simba Toys’ product. Each Squap package comes with two mitts and four balls for around $24.99.