COMMENTARY: Singtrix Is a New Karaoke and Vocal Experience

SINGTRIXIf you’re tone deaf like me, then you’ll definitely enjoy the Singtrix from Sing Trix LLC. This new live vocal system, created by the same people that invented Guitar Hero, is a new singing experience for any fun setting. The Singtrix uses next-generation karaoke technology to make pretty much anyone sound good (or if you’re anything like me, pretty decent). So whether you’re performing solo or with friends, you don’t have to be embarrassed by not being able to sing.

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With Singtrix, Singers of All Levels Sound Even Better

SingtrixSingtrix, a new music party experience, utilizes advanced, natural-sounding vocal effects to make singers of all skill levels sound even better. The Singtrix bundle includes the Singtrix Studio vocal effects unit, custom microphone, professional mic stand, and 2.1 stereo speaker system.

The Singtrix Studio unit offers more than 300 retro and modern vocal effects presets covering every generation and genre of music, including everyone’s favorite singing anthems. In addition to dozens of professional effects like reverb, flanger, delay, doubling, hard tune, and more, the Singtrix Live Harmony effects provide up to four additional harmony voices, and can be used to make the chorus or bridge of a favorite songs sound larger than life. There is also a “Hit” effect button on the microphone, which conveniently controls this and other effects.

Users can plug in a smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, or computer and choose songs from their own music libraries or stream karaoke videos from sites like YouTube. There is also a Singtrix-branded app powered by Karaoke Anywhere for Apple iOS, Android, or Kindle Fire tablets, which includes a library of more than 13,000 songs with lyrics, and is available for a monthly subscription fee.

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Musical Toys: An Inspiration to Pursue the Art

by Rachel Matthews, guest blogger

Not too long ago, the Kidz Bop kids found their way performing at venues in New York and New Jersey. Their collection of poppy, top 40 covers has allowed them to produce dozens of compilation albums, launch a U.S. star search, release books, video games, and toys.

The line-up of the group is in constant rotation as each member ages. Because of this rotation, many a child beg their parents for a singing lesson—especially in New York—after seeing a Kidz Bop performance. The chances of becoming a member is hard pressed as detailed by this young musician, but the combination of their U.S. talent search and brand gives hope to many children within the States.

Of course, aiming to sing for a band such as Kidz Bop is only part of what’s driving up sales in music -parents must by music-related toys to help further their children’s ambitions.

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Word-Playing Mr. Palindrome Releases First CD in U.S.

mrpalindromeMr. Palindrome, an Australia-based musician and dad, celebrates the U.S. retail release of his first CD, Smiley Face Sticker, in anticipation of a winter family concert in the U.S. this year. Mr. Palindrome (Natan Kuchar) loves to sing, especially silly songs with really big words as a tool to help children get comfortable with using them.

Mr. Palindrome introduces concepts like alliteration, anagrams, and onomatopoeia in the form of whimsical songs. Little listeners can sing along and learn the “Backwards Alphabet,” and a ton of tongue twisters.

Parents and teachers can even visit for activity ideas to enhance learning or his YouTube vlog for craft demonstrations that promote simple and silly ways to have fun and learn new things.

Over the last couple of years, Mr. Palindrome has honed his craft before thousands of schoolchildren in his home country. He is currently booking concerts on the West Coast, including several San Francisco Bay Area performances, in December and January.