COMMENTARY: Smell My What?

It’s gooey, it’s stretchy, it’s slimy, and it goes by the name Gak. This original Nickelodeon staple has been around for years, but has never failed to impress me with each wacky new version the brand continually comes out with. Just when I really thought I had seen it all (if this is your first time hearing about Gak, things may get a little weird for you), between glow-in-the-dark Gak and Gak that changes color based on your mood, Nickelodeon gives us a new line called Smell My Gak—and you can definitely let your imagination run with that one for a little longer.

I must admit this move does make sense. Gak is already known for being squishable and frrrrt-able (in relation to the sound the Gak makes when you cram it into the container using different methods of force in order to essentially make all kinds of “fart” noises, but frrrrt is just a nicer-sounding word), so it now needs to be smell-able. Although each new Smell My Gak toy comes with a unique scent and container, there are some that I would willingly sniff over others, and now you will see why:

m44_VHjAcziKvPJr8LiEN_wBacon: Growing up with two younger brothers and a little sister, who for most of her life acted like a little brother, I’m no fool to knowing that there are few things dearer to boys (and girls) hearts than bacon. I don’t know why, they just love it, so kudos to Nickelodeon for capitalizing on this one. Not only was it just a great idea, but it also really does smell like a pan of home-cooked bacon on a Sunday morning – only you can roll it up into a ball in your hand and throw it against the wall for that famous Splat effect. [Read more…]