Get Schooled with Educational Games by Blue Orange

Blue Orange Games has four new games to help get kids into to gear for the new school year and reinforce learning long after term begins. Whether preschool or elementary, language arts or math, Blue Orange’s games are teacher-approved and age-appropriate to build brain power through play.

Check out their newest offerings below:

20Express20 Express 
20 Express is a bingo-style game that calls for logical thinking, figuring probabilities, and a dose of luck. Each player has a train of 20 cars to fill with numbers. The goal is to make long series of ascending numbers. With every draw, players must decide the best train car to assign the number. Some numbers may be pulled twice, and a wild tile can save a series. The longer the series, the more points it earns. 20 Express  stretches kids’ mental math abilities and is for unlimited players ages 8 and up. [Read more...]