COMMENTARY: These Outdoor Toys Put a New Spin on Keeping Kids Active

Backyard Sports Mega Morph Super Hoop, from Day 6

Fresh air, sunlight, and exercise are all wonderful things. Unfortunately, many kids just aren’t getting enough of them. At the recent North American International Toy Fair, I encountered numerous toy makers who are trying to address this problem by developing new outdoor toys that encourage kids to get off the couch for some outdoor physical activity. Many feature novel tweaks to familiar play patterns, and the sheer breadth of items on-hand was impressive. Most surprisingly, not all of them try to pry kids away from their mobile devices or video screens.
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From the Swiss Comes Squap

Diggin Active, Inc., is bringing the latest European toy to the U.S. this summer with Squap. Developed in Switzerland, Squap is currently the No. 1-selling outdoor toy in Germany, according to Diggin’s press release.

Squap is played by cupping a ping pong-sized ball in a “snap trap” mitt and then quickly uncupping it to send the ball flying with a pop. Another player catches the ball in his or her mitt and returns it.

Diggin is the official U.S. distributor of Simba Toys’ product. Each Squap package comes with two mitts and four balls for around $24.99.