New “Dino Dan” App Launches for Apple iOS Devices

Dino Dan App for Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch launches in conjunction with NCircle Entertainment’s DVD Dino Dan ‘Twas a Dinosaur. This augmented reality app, developed by Sinking Ship Interactive, allows a Tyrannosaurus Rex to come to life in 3D with stomping and roaring sound effects. After purchasing the Dino Dan ‘Twas A Dinosaur DVD and downloading the Dino Dan: Dino Player app available on iTunes, users can press Start on the iOS device and point the camera to the back of the DVD cover, making the T-Rex emerge and come to life. Users can make the T-Rex roar by clicking anywhere on the screen.

Wild Creations to Display Real T-Rex Skeleton at Toy Fair!

In a true demonstration of just how wild they really are, science company Wild Creations is having Stan, an actual, real T-Rex skeleton shipped over from Italy, where he is on display in a museum (as dinosaurs usually are). They will be assembling Stan in their booth for all to see. In addition to checking out all of their cool science toys and kits, visitors are invited to visit Booth 5367 to get their photo taken with Stan. Wild Creations will print it so it can be taken home as a souvenir of Toy Fair, to show their store staff or family members that they actually met a real dinosaur.

Unearthed in South Dakota, Stan was hatched in the late Cretaceous period. It is estimated that he roamed the western plains sometime between 65 and 80 million years ago.