Let Plush Do the Talking

How Storytelling Plush Is Sparking Imagination in a New Generation of Kids

Thanks to a backlash against tech-toy overload, classic play is alive and well. Plush is among the most traditional of classic toys, and is reaping the benefits of millennial parents’ desire to reign in the tech, yet still provide innovative and nostalgic toys to their kids.

The plush category grew 6 percent in the 12 months ending this January, outperforming the total toy industry dollar growth of 4.7 percent, according to The NPD Group. The increase is more than double the 2 percent growth in the industry in 2015. In addition, plush grew twice as fast (11 percent) as total toy industry unit growth (5 percent) over the same period last year. [Read more...]

Wicked Cool Toys Relaunches Teddy Ruxpin

TeddyRuxpinWicked Cool Toys is relaunching Teddy Ruxpin next fall, 25 years since the bear originally made its debut.

Released in 1985 as an animatronic storytelling bear, Teddy Ruxpin told stories through a rear-loading cassette based system that was synced to the bear’s speech pattern. There were 60 original stories with 10 to 15 new stories released each year over a 5-year period, and the bear featured a motorized mouth and eyes. [Read more...]

Wicked Cool Toys, Alchemy II Team Up to Relaunch Teddy Ruxpin

WickedCoolTeddyRuxpinWicked Cool Toys and Alchemy II partnered to relaunch the Teddy Ruxpin brand and franchise globally with toys, content, and a comprehensive licensed merchandising program.

Teddy Ruxpin launched in 1985 as the world’s first animated talking toy. Returning in fall 2017, the new Teddy Ruxpin will engage with a new generation of kids with interactive adventures and new technology.