Ceaco Challenges the Mind with Brainwright

Ceaco launched its new division this summer: Brainwright–For Curious Minds. In addition to the Gamewright family games division, Brainwright will feature brainteasers, mind benders, and other items that aim to inspire right and left brain thinking, improve memory, and exercise logic skills in a fun way. Some of the Brainwright-branded items will include The Baffler, Flexi Puzzle, Hexus, and PuzzleBloxPuzzle Blox.

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Ceaco Introduces Tricky Puzzle Series Called The Baffler

Ceaco is introducing a new puzzle series created by artist Chris Yates that is being described as “the most unique puzzle ever,” The Baffler. Each puzzle image in the series is randomly designed and cut into unique shapes so it is tricky to put it back together. The Baffler puzzles have no straight edges and no overlapping images.

Each of the three puzzles in the series has a unique piece count: 67 pieces, 69 pieces and 78 pieces. The puzzles featuring Yates’ creations include the “Spiral of Archimedes,” “The Nonagon,” and “Bindu Truss.” The puzzles will be available this October.