Panel Finds Parents Need to Improve Play for Children

GeniusOfPlaylogoA panel of parenting experts and educators convened by The Genius of Play at The Children’s Museum of Manhattan found parents don’t truly understand the value that comes with play, according to the Toy Association. The panel’s findings are included in the report “The State of Play in America,” A Special Report by The Genius of Play.

The report includes guidance on the issues of concern to today’s parents and educators, including the role of technology in kids’ lives, safety concerns that could limit their independence, and the importance of recess or play breaks in aiding learning. The panel concluded that parents forget to carve out time for play and may wrongly dismiss it as “empty time.” [Read more...]

TIA Encourages Families to Take Play Pledge at

TIA,TheGeniusofPlayThis past Wednesday, the Toy Industry Association (TIA) launched a new research-backed initiative, which encourages parents and caregivers across the U.S. to take time out of their hectic lives to allow their children to build critical skills through play. The initiative, entitled The Genius of Play, is designed to remind families that playtime is more than just fun and games, and that it strengthens minds and bodies, reduces stress, builds family bonds, and offers a host of benefits that help to produce well-rounded, healthy children.

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TIA Calls for Support for New Genius of Play Campaign

TIA,GeniusofPlay,ClayThe Genius of Play campaign, the Toy Industry Association’s (TIA) industry-wide initiative to open up a dialogue with parents and raise awareness about the developmental benefits of play, launches in two weeks. The next phase of the campaign will build on the success of the Q4 Genius of Play test, and feature content based on play-related research collected by TIA in interviews with academics, psychologists, journalists, and other play-focused professionals.

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TIA Creates Social Media How-To Guide for Sharing the Genius of Play

April15.GeniusofPlay As part of The Genius of Play campaign, the Toy Industry Association (TIA) has kicked off an industry-wide social media initiative to open a dialogue with parents and raise awareness about the developmental benefits of play. TIA suggests that the social media posts range from encouraging kids and parents to engage in imaginative play, such as arts and crafts and dress up, to asking parents to share how toys and play helped their children reach important developmental milestones.

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TIA’s 8th Annual Washington, DC Fly-In Welcomes Toy Business Owners

GrandHyattThe Toy Industry Association’s (TIA) 8th annual Washington, DC Fly-In will take place on June 2 to 4. Intended to provide small business owners and large toy companies with an effective way to have their voices heard on issues significantly impacting their business, this year’s program offers small group meetings with leading lawmakers, a boat tour, and more.

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TIA’s Genius of Play Research Confirms Play’s Role in Healthy Childhood Development

TIAThe Toy Industry Association’s (TIA) The Genius of Play consumer campaign focuses on spreading awareness about the many developmental benefits of play. In preparation for phase two of the campaign, TIA has been collecting research from renowned academics, psychologists, journalists, and other play-focused professionals to gain insight into the history and future of play, as well as its essential role in childhood development.

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