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Hasbro and Ubisoft Partner to Bring Hasbro Games to Consoles

ubiUbisoft will develop and publish current and next-generation console games based on some of Hasbro’s most popular gaming brands, including Monopoly, Scrabble (in the U.S. and Canada only), Trivial Pursuit, Risk, Battleship, and Cranium.

COMMENTARY: MindWare Games Test Brain Power Without Words, Numbers, or Trivia

There are so many games on the market that get the gears moving in your brain, including Scrabble, Bananagrams, Trivial Pursuit, and Boggle. But what about those of us who didn’t major in English in college or don’t have a plethora of interesting facts stored away for a rainy day? MindWare has the answer… or well, answers.

Cirplexed! is a 360-degree game of strategy that doesn’t include numbers, facts, or words. Each tile features quarter circles of different colors. Each player creates his or her own game board by drawing and placing tiles, in an attempt to create the most single-color circles. It sounds simple, but even at 23 years old, I could only match about eight circles total. Though the game is designed for two to six players, it can be played solo, as well, to put your brain to work when friends and family members aren’t around.


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Women Declared the Smarter Gender in Online Trivial Pursuit Game

Women were deemed the smarter sex in an online battle of the sexes, Trivia Pursuit style. Since last October, more than 15 million questions were asked and answered by men and women at The global game ended with the women answering a total of 4,088,139 questions correctly, compared to the men’s 4,077,596 correct answers.

Players participated in Hasbro’s online game by selecting the category they believed they would have the most success. The most popular category was Entertainment, followed by Science & Nature, Sports & Leisure, History, Arts & Literature, Geography, and, lastly, People & Places.

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