New Uglydoll: Uglybot, Here to Serve You

Pretty Ugly has released a new Uglydoll, Uglybot, available in black and blue. Like the other Uglydolls, Uglybot comes with a unique story:

“Uglybots are here to serve you. How may I help you? May I fetch your morning beverage? Need me to do your job for you? Oh, could I please complete more menial tasks for you? How about I take out the trash … I don’t mind. Hey, at least I get to take a two-minute walk down to the curb and get away from it all for a second or two … need somebody to talk to? Join the club, pal! Uh oh … it would seem even robots aren’t made to be robots. What Uglybot really needs is a friend. Hey and who doesn’t? Well this friend will never turn his back on you, never turn over your diary to the press, and, while he may blink ’12:00′ from time to time, you’ll never need to upgrade his love.”

The character is available as Uglybot, Clip-on Uglybot, Little Ugly Uglybot, and Two-foot Ugly Uglybot.

New Dolls and Totes Get Ugly

UglyDoll is releasing five new dolls and a designer tote collection set within the upcoming months. The first two dolls, Mij and Flatwoodsey, will be released August 10. Blue and black Uglybot dolls will launch October 15, followed by Tutulu on November 11. Each doll will be available in classic doll, clip-on, Little Ugly, and 2 FT varieties.

Designed by David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim, the two-faced, limited-edition totes are available in four colors and feature characters from the Uglydoll collection. The totes are available now for approximately $6 each.