New Product: Uglydoll Ceramic Watches

Uglydoll creators Sun-Min Kim and David Horvath have launched their new Artisan Watch Series that feature Uglydoll characters captured in ceramic watches and accented with Swarovski Crystal. The First Edition Series will be a limited release and offered to exclusive specialty retailers and at

The first series includes a white ceramic watch, featuring a white ceramic bracelet, stainless steel bezel, a genuine Swarovski Crystal butterfly buckle closure, and a Swiss movement. The watch is available in the Ox, Ice-Bat, or Babo characters. Also available is a black ceramic watch in the same characters.

The Retro Watch has a silver tone bezel, a black leather strap, a Swiss movement, and includes a gift box. The watch is available in the Ox, Ice-Bat, Babo, or Big Toe characters.

All of the watches are water resistant and has a lifetime limited warranty.

Dave Darinko and Brip Join Uglydoll Family

Pretty Ugly, LLC is introducing two new Uglydoll characters next month, Dave Darinko and Brip.

Dave Darinko is a natural-born leader. He’s the one who runs into the crowd with his arms waving around claiming to know where the cheese is, while most have no clue there’s cheese to begin with. He’s the one you want on your side when you’re about to face the music. And when you do face the music, he’s the guy who knows where the volume knob is. Does that make sense? Anyway, Dave gives you the thumbs up. He knows that you know he knows you know.

Brip works down at the local coffee cake shop. He serves thousands of pies and cakes every day, yet he’s not once taken a bite for himself! Not one taste! So we’re hoping you would be OK with showing him around your much larger world. Brip needs to be shown how wonderful that world really is, and what happens when genius enters the picture. That’s obviously you, right? Hello?

New Uglydoll: Uglybot, Here to Serve You

Pretty Ugly has released a new Uglydoll, Uglybot, available in black and blue. Like the other Uglydolls, Uglybot comes with a unique story:

“Uglybots are here to serve you. How may I help you? May I fetch your morning beverage? Need me to do your job for you? Oh, could I please complete more menial tasks for you? How about I take out the trash … I don’t mind. Hey, at least I get to take a two-minute walk down to the curb and get away from it all for a second or two … need somebody to talk to? Join the club, pal! Uh oh … it would seem even robots aren’t made to be robots. What Uglybot really needs is a friend. Hey and who doesn’t? Well this friend will never turn his back on you, never turn over your diary to the press, and, while he may blink ’12:00′ from time to time, you’ll never need to upgrade his love.”

The character is available as Uglybot, Clip-on Uglybot, Little Ugly Uglybot, and Two-foot Ugly Uglybot.

Pretty Ugly Releases Exclusive Uglydoll at Learning Express

Pretty Ugly, LLC has released a limited edition Uglydoll character that is available exclusively at Learning Express stores nationwide, while supplies last. The Learning Express Nandy Bear is bright blue with pale pink eyes, and is available in classic, two-foot oversized, and keychain miniature sizes.

As with other Uglydoll characters, Nandy Bear comes with a special story:

“OK, so you may have Nandy Bear all figured out but there’s still a lot about you [that] Nandy has to learn! No time to waste! Hey, that’s why they call it Learning Express. This special edition of Nandy Bear was created special for Learning Express… but he was made for you. And you are a limited edition of one. OK, so now that everyone is special and everything, let’s go have some fun already.”

To find a Learning Express store, visit

Pretty Ugly Debuts New Plush Characters and More

The shelves will turn a bit more ugly this year as Pretty Ugly expands its plush characters plus partners with Schylling and Abrams for additional products.

Pointy Max, who has a weakness for cheese and a phobia of blank paper, joins the Ugly Doll family along with Picksey, Mynus, Ninja Batty Shogun, Ket, Wippy, Nandy Bear, and Cozymonster.

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