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Bunch O Balloons Kickstarter Campaign Blows by Funding Goal

bunch o balloonsInventor Josh Malone brainstormed and experimented for a few years to create a device that would allow his family to prepare for their water balloon fights easily and quickly. On July 22, Malone brought his creation, Bunch O Balloons, to Kickstarter for pre-order. Just 13 days later, he has raised more than 70 times his initial funding goal and experienced overwhelming support from beyond the core tech-oriented crowdfunding community.

One Bunch O Balloons pack features three stems, with each stem containing 37 balloons. Each balloon is attached to a stem by a hose coupling and then secured to the coupling by a small O-ring. Users screw the stem onto a hose and turn the water on, allowing the balloons to fill simultaneously. When the balloons are full, the user lightly shakes the system and each balloon falls off, cinched shut by its o-ring, allowing users to fill and tie 100 balloons in just one minute. [Read more...]

BYU Breaks Record for Largest Water Balloon Fight

On July 23, students from Brigham Young University (3,927 to be exact) hurled 120,021 Imperial Toy Water Splashers water balloons at one another to take the official title of largest water balloon fight from 2009 record holder University of Kentucky. The battle lasted six minutes. Student started filling the Water Splashers at 8 a.m. on Wednesday and worked until the event ended Friday.

Photo Credit: Brigham Young University