Spin Master Ltd. Acquires Key Brands from Wild Planet

Spin Master Ltd., one of the world’s leading children’s toy and entertainment companies, has acquired the worldwide rights to Wild Planet’s Hyper Dash and Spy Gear brands. Intrepid Investment Bankers LLC acted as exclusive financial advisor to Wild Planet in connection with this transaction.

Spy Gear and Hyper Dash all have proven track records and will provide new and sustainable growth for the company.

Fall Toy Preview: Wild Planet’s Aquapets to Return to Stores

Wild Planet’s Aquapets are back. The collectible creatures are returning to store shelves in April, seven years after their original U.S. debut. Aquapets are thumb-sized, 3-D floating figures that live inside a raindrop-shaped case. The creatures come alive when kids or other Aquapets interact with them. A microchip, microphone, and speaker housed in the toy’s base allow Aquapets to respond to sound, replying with movement and melody. The more kids play with their Aquapets the more songs they will perform, and when two or more Aquapets are placed together they form an AquaParty—dancing, chirping, and conversing with one another.

Fans can expect to see updated versions of eight previously released pets in redesigned aqua pods and with new games. The new games include Memory Moov, a memory-building sequence game; Aqua Speed, a fast-paced reflex challenge; and Bubble Boogie, a fun way to make the mini marionettes dance. The assortment will include Bebe, Bertie, Bunni, Fizzie, Fretta, Harf, Puku, and Squirt.

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Crayola and Wild Planet Team Up for New Games

Wild Planet will release its first line of Crayola-licensed games this fall. The new games are an extension of the partnership between the two companies; in 2009 Crayola and Wild Planet  launched Crayon Town activity sets.

Guess My Picture is a game of creating and identifying pictures made from different shapes. The game, for kids ages four and older, is part puzzle, part art project, and part guessing game, promoting spatial thinking and fine motor skills.

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